AbacusNext’s Results CRM Helps You Consolidate Your Data

AbacusNext offers a complete suite of programs to help your firm, including AbacusLaw and Abacus Private Cloud. Now, AbacusNext’s Results CRM (customer relationship management) software can help you manage and grow your law firm’s business.


Besides using law practice management software, many modern law firms also deploy additional programs such as QuickBooks for accounting, Outlook for email correspondence, and Constant Contact for email marketing. But managing all that data can be difficult, and firms often end up entering the same information in different locations, which inevitably leads to data entry errors.

AbacusNext’s Results CRM program changes all of that. It helps all of your business apps to work together, leaving you more time to grow your business.

For example, if your firm, like so many others, uses QuickBooks, Results CRM ensures that your data is up-to-date across both platforms. Contacts in Results CRM become customers in QuickBooks, payments in Results CRM become payments or credit memos in QuickBooks, and class codes can stay consistent across both applications.

If you’re already using Outlook for all your business email, Results CRM offers a simple add-on that integrates right into your existing Outlook mailbox. Thanks to fully bi-directional sync capabilities, contact information you add in Results CRM syncs to your Outlook mailbox, and vice versa. The same is true of Outlook calendars.

Those firms that use Constant Contact for email marketing will also find Results CRM to be an invaluable asset. Results CRM consolidates your contacts from Outlook, QuickBooks, and Constant Contact, which means you can keep track of both potential clients and clients all in one place. You’re also able to view Constant Contact campaign reports directly within Results.

How to Get It

Results CRM starts at $25/month, and that tier allows you to integrate apps and streamline your contact and task management. Higher tiers, such as Results Business Suite and Results Field Service, will enable you to create invoices and timesheets and accept credit card payments. To learn how AbacusNext’s Results CRM Software can help your business, contact AbacusNext today.

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