AbacusLaw is a Full-Featured Practice Management System

AbacusLaw is practice management software that lets you run your entire practice from the cloud.


Often, practice management systems excel at just a few things, such as timekeeping or matter management. AbacusLaw has a wide range of features which ensures that you can do the vital work of running your firm within just one program. And AbacusLaw goes far beyond mere matter management.

Generating and filling out forms can tedious. Worse still, it creates the possibility of mistakes during data entry. AbacusLaw frees you from tedium and the chance of error by auto-filling forms. You can work with AbacusLaw’s professional services team to create your own library of forms, subscribe to the court forms in your jurisdiction, and more.

It’s critical for lawyers to have up-to-date calendars. Because of that, AbacusLaw has complete Outlook integration, which means your calendar stays synced across all your devices. Because it is equally critical that lawyers keep track of not just appointments but court dates, AbacusLaw offers a court date calculator and rules-based calendaring. With Abacus Court Rules, you can integrate your case management software with federal, state, and local rules so you never miss a court appearance. The rules engine will automatically calculate—and schedule—your court deadlines.

With AbacusLaw, you don’t need a separate program for trust account management. You can manage your trust retainers, track multiple trust accounts, apply retainers to bills, and more, and you don’t ever need to leave AbacusLaw to do it.

AbacusLaw’s mobile app means you never have to worry about being out of touch when you’re away from the office. Get access to your client files, your time tracker, your reminders, your phone calls, and more. It even works when you don’t have internet access.

How to Get It

To learn AbacusLaw can provide your firm with a complete practice management system, visit AbacusLaw for a free demo today.

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