AbacusLaw Offers All-In-One Practice Management

AbacusLaw is highly customizable law practice management software that lets you run your entire practice from the cloud.


When you’re a solo or small firm attorney, it can be tough to manage all the moving parts of running your firm. That’s why having an all-in-one practice management solution is so important. AbacusLaw offers a completely comprehensive suite of features to help practitioners address all of their case management and administrative needs from intake all the way to trust accounting.

Get started with AbacusLaw by using it to search your database and run conflict checks thoroughly. After that, AbacusLaw has intake screens that will help you quickly sign up your new clients and get started right away on your case. After intake, AbacusLaw will create and link your matter, contacts, and calendar events.

Thanks to its Microsoft Office toolbar, AbacusLaw works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Excel. AbacusLaw also has tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, so all of your emails and email attachments are saved to the appropriate matter. You can sync all of your Outlook contacts, calendar, and schedule information directly to AbacusLaw.

When you’re ready to bill your clients, AbacusLaw will create personalized and professional invoices. You can use customized fee arrangements, billing schedules, and more. When you get paid, use AbacusLaw to manage all of your trust accounts in one place. Trust balances can be used to pay for new charges automatically. You’re also able to create detailed trust ledgers and transfer trust funds between files.

AbacusLaw has just introduced a mobile app that will allow you to access your client files, track your time, handle your emails, and record details of your phone calls. That means that when you’re on the go, you can always stay in touch with your clients and your practice.

How to Get It

To learn AbacusLaw can help increase your firm’s effectiveness and productivity, visit AbacusLaw for a free demo today.

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