Social Media Will Not Help You Find Jobs, But It May Get You One

There are many more solo practitioners then most people realize. Many of these attorneys have been practicing for years and have thriving practices. Because of their success (and perhaps their age), they might use the internet, but not as a marketing tool or a way to find an apprentice or new employee. They might be looking for some young blood to join the firm, and perhaps even take over in the near future. News flash: you will never find these jobs on Symplicity, Craigslist, or any other job site.

But there’s an upside. Your cutting-edge knowledge of social media, internet marketing, and your legal blog make you a very attractive candidate. Your grades in law school are impressive, but your knowledge of technology and marketing make you attractive as a dual threat. You can handle the workload and you have the potential to access a whole new client base.

Start browsing through the phone book and calling solo attorneys. Ask if you can buy them coffee or buy them lunch. Use the opportunity to showcase your marketing skills, as well as your legal mind. You might be surprised at the results.

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