I’ve been pretty sour on social media, lately, talking about blogging and social networks not as marketing magic but calculated risks best undertaken with no hope of reward. According to Scott Greenfield, the gurus are going the opposite direction, pushing social media on lawyers like never before. In Murdering Brain Cells, He calls out Jared Correia, Adrian Dayton, and Britain’s Legal Futures for inane social media advocacy. (He also gives shouts out to yours truly, and Avvo’s Josh King.)

You will never have a practice based on twitter, no one, but no one, will give a damn about your Klout. Your shiny gadgets may be enjoyable, and even helpful as tools in the performance of lawyerly functions, but no client will ever throw money at you because you have an iPhone and twit incessantly.

But the question remains whether you will have any brain cells left before lawyers come to the realization that this is all an inane to separate you from your money.

Read Murdering Brain Cells on Simple Justice.

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