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Best’s Insurance Law Podcast: “Social Media Claims”

This podcast focuses on issues affecting the insurance industry. Last week, host John Czuba spoke to attorneys John Schmidt and Lisa Gingeleskie about social media. They also discussed the rise in wrongful termination claims and social media policies and liability for employers.

The Digital Edge: “Low Bono Legal Services: Working to Provide Access to Justice”

Shantelle Argyle, co-founder and executive director of Open Legal Services, a sliding scale legal aid organization, is the guest on this week’s Digital Edge. Hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk with Shantelle about low bono legal services, the unintended consequences of the access to justice movement, and the biggest barriers to innovation in legal services.

Still Processing: “Debating ‘Wonder Woman’ and Summer Jams”

Still Processing is a cultural conversation between New York Times reporters Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham. Earlier this month, they discussed the politics of Wonder Woman and the hunt for the song of the summer.

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