pulse-smartpenThe Pulse Smartpen, which records both your written notes and the live audio, appears to live up to its name.

When you write on the specially-lined paper, the Smartpen records your handstrokes. With a tap of the pen, it will record the audio and sync it with the handwriting. When you’re reading over your chicken scratches and can’t remember what the client said—the recording option is incredibly useful (assuming you tapped your pen at that time).

The pen costs $129, or $149 for the deluxe version (which holds two times the amount of audio). One downside is that you have to buy the lined paper for $5, which gets you 100 page notebook (200 pages if you write on both sides).

The syncing of the audio with the written notes is unique. Unlike a tape or digital recorder, you don’t have to search for a particular moment—just point and click. Sounds pretty smart.

An amazing note-taking tool for lawyers (and others) | Ernie the attorney

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