Get More From Skype As Your Office Phone

About a month ago I wrote about whether Skype or Google Voice was better for attorneys. As a few readers noted, you can actually use them both.

Regardless, if you are using Skype, there are a couple of nice features that can make it even more worthwhile to your practice.

Share your screen

You are unlikely to use video chat with every person you talk to. At the same time, if you are using the video chat feature, you can also share screens.

If you are talking to a client, this can be useful for seeing documents that might be on their screen. While it is easy to email documents back and forth, there are some situations where it can be easier just to see their screen.

For collaborating with co-workers, this can be quite helpful. For example, if you need to walk someone through an edit or give them some minor tech support, it can be extremely helpful to see what is up on their display.

Add a “call me” button to your website

This feature was previously available for Google Voice, but now it is available for Skype. This is a nifty feature as clients can contact you with the click of their mouse.

It is unknown whether clients are apt to actually do this, but given the relative ease for putting the plugin on your site, it is certainly worth the (non) effort. Even if you only a couple calls a month directly from your website, who knows if those clients would have called you otherwise.

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