If you’re a lawyer-parent, you’ve had to juggle sick kids and the office. You know how it works. You’re usually on a roll, whether it be working with opposing counsel on a settlement or knocking out an appellate memo and you get the dreaded phone call. It’s daycare and your kid is sick. Time to drop what you’re doing and pick them up. This week, a teething induced fever meant that I brought my daughter to work. Here’s some tips on bringing sick kids to the office.

1. Have a stash ready.

The whole point of taking your sick kid to the office is to get something done. Running home or to the store to pick up some essentials only add to time away from your project. Be ready for the call. Keep some kid friendly essentials at your desk. Snacks, quiet toys, and, depending on their age, diapers are all requirements if your kids has to spend any time at the office with you. Cheerios are go-to for parents all over because they’re relatively mess free. Grab a box to keep at your desk. A small box of washable crayons will give you an option when your kid is trying to grab your highlighter, without causing concern if they try it out on your desk. If you happen to have an old typewriter at the office, setting it up and letting your kid have a go at it will keep them from keyboard envy when you’d rather not let them add their two cents to your memo.

2. Be ready to make things comfortable.

Don’t forget to have an extra set of medications like children’s ibuprofen, numbing gel for teething, and gas drops to help keep your child comfortable. Think about how your child can nap comfortably. Having an extra play yard and blankets at the office can work. Also, think about your lighting. If you were sick, would you want to be under florescent lights all day? Having lamps that you can use instead of the florescents can help keep things comfortable.

3. Be ready to give up.

Even if you have all the supplies in place, your kid may still not feel comfortable at the office. Not to mention, your coworkers may not appreciate the little petri dish you’ve brought in. Depending on the circumstances, bringing your sick kid to the office is just not a good option. Be ready to call it quits and take them home.


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