Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

ABA Journal Legal Rebels: “Bruce MacEwen Diagnoses and Prescribes for Law Practice Ills”

Host Terry Carter talks with Bruce MacEwen, who acts as a sort of doctor and epidemiologist for BigLaw firms. MacEwan, a Legal Rebels Trailblazer and founder of Adam Smith, Esq., can diagnose structural illnesses of firms, point to unhealthy customs and practices, and give advice to help a firm get better at surviving and thriving.

Ringler Radio: “The Legal Impact of Hurricane¬†Harvey”

People are going to be recovering from Hurricane Harvey for a long time. They face complex legal issues in doing so: FEMA claims, flood insurance, and more. Hosts Larry Cohen and Robert P. Caples, Jr. talk to Paul Skrabanek, an attorney with Houston law firm. Pierce/Skrabanek PLLC. They discuss how the legal community can help alleviate the losses people have suffered and guide people through litigation, if necessary.

Alice Isn’t Dead: “Omelet”

From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale comes Alice Isn’t Dead. It’s creepy, so it’s perfect for binge-listening in the runup to Halloween. A truck driver drives across America searching for the wife she’d long thought dead. While on the drive, she meets not-quite-human serial killers, towns that have literally been lost in time, and a vast conspiracy. This is definitely one where you should start at the beginning.

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