The Yodle Challenge

Yodle Challenge, Part 1: Getting Started

I said some pretty unfriendly things about Yodle’s online advertising staff recently, and Yodle took it pretty hard seriously. In response, Mike DeLuca, Yodle’s VP of sales and marketing, issued the Yodle challenge: Yodle would give away 3 months of free online marketing to prove Yodle can deliver real value. We chose newbie lawyer Brea […]

Yodle Challenge, Part 2: Follow-up with Mike DeLuca

Yodle VP Mike DeLuca describes how Yodle's online marketing works, and how they are trying to fix past problems.

Yodle Challenge, Part 3: Update from Brea Buettner

A week and a half in, our Yodle online marketing guinea pig, Brea Buettner, just posted an update to the Yodle Challenge. Here is what Brea has to say so far:

Yodle Challenge, Part 4: Show Me the Money!

Update on our Yodle Challenge, where Lawyerist examines whether Yodle can live up to their hype for selling local online advertising.

Yodle Challenge, Part 5: A Few More Nibbles, Still No Bites

Yodle's bankruptcy client referral results after nearly 1.5 months (not great). A follow-up on our Yodle Challenge, reviewing the results of a Yodle law firm client.

Yodle Challenge, Part 6: Yodle’s Mike DeLuca Weighs In

Yodle Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike DeLuca, weighs in on the Yodle Challenge results to date.

Yodle Challenge, Part 7: The Final Results Show

Yodle online advertising works. The numbers speak for themselves.