The Shingle Life

Welcome to The Shingle Life

Josh Camson just launched a two-lawyer criminal defense firm, and will be writing about it here, in a column we're calling The Shingle Life.

Naming a Law Firm

Naming a law firm is a critical—and fun—part of starting your firm. Remember state rules and ethical issues when noodling law firm names.

Three Questions I Answered Before Starting a Firm

Every attorney I spoke to about opening a law firm asked me the same questions. Those were the same questions I asked myself before I decided to open a firm.

Designing a Logo

Designing a logo is better left to a professional. We hired a designer and the process was relatively easy. Now our firm has a logo. But how did it turn out?

Purchasing Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is the most important investment for any new law firm. But how do you make sense of the policies and get the coverage you need?

The Most Common Advice on Starting a Firm

I've heard a lot of the same advice over and over from numerous attorneys. But is it good advice?

Why I Designed My Firm’s Website

I could have spent the hours it took to design my law firm's website doing other things. But I didn't. Designing the website saved us money and will help us in the long term.

Advice on Practicing Law

Advice on practicing law is much different than advice about starting a law firm. But two attorneys have offered me advice on practicing law in addition to running a firm.

Some Overhead is Necessary

We recently made a large addition to our monthly overhead. But is the cost worth it?

The Guilt of Representation

Can guilt get in the way of bringing in business? Advice to new attorneys on how to represent clients.

The First Client

Nothing really compares to the feeling of signing your first client. Do you remember yours?

At the Pleasure of the Court

I entered my appearance on a case and prepped for the hearing. So how could things go so poorly before I even set foot in the courthouse?

Fees for a New Firm

How I quote a fee to a prospective client. Also, is it worth talking to clients on the phone about fees?

Opening a Law Office

Opening a physical law office is no easy task. Find out what you'll need for a new law office, from desks to a web presence.

Controlling the Fear

I turned to a few mentors recently to discuss the constant fear I was facing in my new law practice. But should I even try to get rid of that feeling?