Law Practice FAQ

The Law Practice FAQ

I started Lawyerist because I have a lot of strong opinions that I think everyone should know about. Also, because I got tired of sharing those opinions with one person at a time. I had an idea that Lawyerist would become a repository of my answers to frequently-asked questions about law practice, so that I […]

Sam Glover

Q: Should I Send Christmas Cards?

A: No. For two reasons. First, because holiday cards are a great example of lawyers doing business just like everyone else. That’s why, between Thanksgiving and a week or so into the next year, nearly everyone sends holiday cards. It’s a great way not to differentiate yourself or your firm in any way. Your card […]

Sam Glover

Q: Is Online Social Networking Worth My Time?

A: Sure, in the same way that email is worth your time. Online social networks are, like offline social networks, a way to stay in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances. If you use social networks — online or offline — for that purpose, they will be worth your time in the same way watching […]

Sam Glover

Q: Is File Sync (Dropbox, et al.) Safe?

This is a world you’ll never understand. And you always fear what you don’t understand. — Carmine Falcone, in Batman Begins A: Yes, essentially. And although your local rules may vary, it is probably fine under the ethics rules. Most of what you may have heard to the contrary comes from people who don’t understand […]

Sam Glover

Q: Should I Get a Mac or a PC?

A: It doesn’t matter. Fans of each system (and let’s not leave out Linux’s rabid fan base or Chrome OS’s growing one) have a litany of reasons why their choice is the only one that makes sense. But it really doesn’t matter. You can run a law practice just fine on any computer with an […]

Q: Is Starting a Law Practice in My Spare Time a Good Idea?

A: Among lawyers dissatisfied with their current occupation (hereinafter “Evil Day Job” or “EDJ”), it is a popular fantasy that it is a good idea to start a law practice in one’s spare time. Undoubtedly, some lawyers have done so successfully. This does not mean it is a good idea. The problem boils down to […]

Q: Can I Make a Part-Time Law Practice Work?

Part-time law practice comes with its own set of challenges, but you can absolutely make it work --- and it is a heckuva lot smarter than trying to have a law practice in your spare time

Q: What is “The Cloud”?

The cloud is ... well, just read the post. It's a bit complicated, but I've tried to break it down.

Q: Are There Good Clients Online?

If you go all-in with online marketing, could you get the kind of business you hope for in your wildest dreams?

Sam Glover

Q: Doesn’t My Password Protect My Computer?

A: No. There are basically two “doors” to your computer. Your password only protects one.

Computer Buying Guide for Lawyers

In general, people spend way too much time worrying about which computer to buy. You don’t need to waste time and brainpower obsessively comparing specs or agonizing over whether to get a Mac or PC. You can just get something from Microsoft or Apple and it will do the job.