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Advice and buying guides for lawyer style and attire. Tips for how to buy the right lawyer clothes and accessories and how to wear them well to dress for success.

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Randall Ryder

Lawyers Do Not Always Have to Wear Suits

Why attorneys do not need to wear suits everyday. How to decide on a formal or causal wardrobe in your law office.

Jennifer Gumbel

Maternity Wear for Lawyers that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Maternity wear can be expensive. Recently, I saw a question on a listserve that I definitely related to; as a pregnant lawyer on a budget, how do you dress for court?

Josh Camson

Men: Express Yourself with Cufflinks

Learn how to wear cufflinks, where to buy them, and why they may be the most fun accessory in your closet.

Josh Camson

Dress for Success: Pattern Ties

If you've got a closet full of striped shirts, it can be tough to match your stripe ties. There are some great deals on patterned ties happening now.

Lauren Roso

Dress for Success: Working Color into your Wardrobe

Ideas for pairing colorful pieces with neutrals for an individual yet professional look

Lauren Roso

Dress for Success: The White Shirt

The white shirt is a wardrobe essential but it doesn't have to equal boring. Here are a few ways to keep your classic shirt trendy and office appropriate.

Lauren Roso

Dress for Success: The Power Suit

No work wardrobe is complete without a classic, well-made, and tailored suit. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for your go-to suit.

Josh Camson

Keep Your Wrist Covered with Watches for Under $200

So take a step back to the analog age and check out these watches for under $200

Lauren Roso

Dress for Success: Beyond the Briefcase

The bag you carry to work can reflect on you as much as your wardrobe. There are many options for work totes that are both professional and functional.

Lauren Roso

The 5 Shoes Every Woman Lawyer Must Own

There are essentials to every woman's work wardrobe and shoes are no exception. These are 5 shoes your closet shouldn't be without.

Lauren Roso

Dress for Success: Suit Shells

T-shirts are a great compliment to jeans but should never be worn under your suit. A few simple shells are great compliments to your suit.

Lauren Roso

Three Rules for Women’s Pant Lengths

Men and women habitually wear dress pants that are the incorrect length but this can easily be avoided with a trip to the tailor.

Lauren Roso

5 Ways to Dress up an Oxford Shirt

The classic oxford is a work staple but can get boring quickly, here are 5 ways to transform this classic look.

Lauren Roso

10 Work Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women Lawyers

It can be hard to find the right pieces to build your work wardrobe. There are 10 staple items that you will turn to again and again and never be disappointed.

Leo Mulvihill, Jr.

The Law Suit — Professional Dress for Lawyers

The Law Suit is a recurring series, geared toward lawyers, discussing the basics of building a professional men's wardrobe.