Apple v. FBI

Why Lawyers Need to Stand By Apple

Apple is in the news for the unprecedented order issued by a Federal Magistrate Judge in California this week. The order compels Apple to assist the government in hacking into a terrorist’s phone. Apple publicly refuses to comply, and every one of us ought to be standing by Apple and supporting its decision. What Apple is […]

Apple Clashes with the DOJ Over iPhone Encryption

The Department of Justice has filed a motion to compel Apple’s compliance with last week’s unprecedented order requiring Apple to create hacking technology to assist in the criminal investigation of the San Bernadino terrorist attack.

Podcast #57: Apple vs. the FBI, with Megan Zavieh

Megan Zavieh explains what's at stake in the FBI's quest to force Apple to build a backdoor to the iPhone. But first, a good story about social media and the law.

The Gloves Are Really Off In The Apple Versus FBI Fight

Well, this Apple versus FBI fight over whether Apple has to forcibly unlock an iPhone certainly is not getting any less rancorous, is it? Late last Thursday, the DOJ filed a memo in response to Apple’s motion to vacate the court’s order demanding that they develop the technology to create a back door so that the […]

What is the Best Analogy for a Smartphone?

Fundamental to the privacy dispute about cell phones—including the current dispute between Apple and the FBI—is what analogy best describes smartphones. The search for a good analogy is almost always at the heart of questions about technology and privacy and the law. We try to figure out new things with reference to old things. This […]

The Anti-Climactic End to Apple v. DOJ

After all the public rhetoric, Constitutional discussion and intense scrutiny, the Department of Justice ended without fanfare the fight to compel Apple to assist in unlocking the iPhone used by San Bernadino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook. On March 29, 2016, the DOJ filed a status report  in the US District Court which simply stated: The […]