2013 Clio Cloud Conference

How To Do Cloud Computing Due Diligence, from Bob Ambrogi

A 10-step checklist from Bob Ambrogi on the basic things you need to know about your cloud software providers.

Terms of Service for Cloud Software Are Negotiable

(Confidential to cloud software providers: Offering cloud software to lawyers under terms of service is best viewed as a sort of crowd-sourced contract drafting exercise.)

Is it Time for Non-Lawyer Ownership?

Permitting non-lawyer ownership of law firms is a global trend. It is not really about access to justice, as I previously supposed. It’s about changing the law firm business model in a way that works for lawyers and clients.

Will Computers Become Better Lawyers Than Humans?

By 2017, if Moore’s Law continues to hold, computers will have the processing power of a human mind. This is not science fiction. It will happen, and it means that sometime during this century, computers will be able to at least simulate human thought, if not think independently.