2012 Law Via the Internet Conference

Clay Shirky, LVI 2012 Featured Speaker

Clay Shirky will deliver the Tuesday keynote at the 2012 Law Via the Internet Conference (which you can watch live here).

Richard Susskind, LVI 2012 Featured Speaker

I am looking forward to hearing what what overhauls to practice and the courts Susskind thinks are necessary in order to liberate legal information.

What is the Law Via the Internet Conference (#LVI2012) About — and Why Should You Care?

LVI 2012 is “good ideas about putting law on the Internet, from all over the world.”

Richard Susskind’s #LVI2012 Keynote: Liberating the Law Yet Further

Susskind organized his keynote around two concepts: the commoditization of legal services and the development of disruptive technologies.

Clay Shirky’s #LVI2012 Keynote: Authority in an Age of Open Access

Clay Shirky talked about how social tools can help close the gap in comprehension between the law and the public.

Publishing the Law For Posterity #LVI2012

One of my favorite talks at the Law Via the Internet Conference turned out to be from Frank Wagner, retired U.S. Supreme Court Reporter of Decisions.

Obstacles to Open Access to Law #LVI2012

To some extent, the Law Via the Internet conference is a catalog of the difficulties involved in publishing the law, which are magnified when you do it digitally.