certifiedmailNow you can print certified mail labels from your desktop, which can make you more productive by eliminating trips to the post office. Especially if you live in Minnesota, avoiding trips to the post office in the winter is a good thing.

How it works

Enter the addressee and return address information on SimpleCertifiedMail.com‘s website, then print out a label. The labels can be printed on standard paper, folded, and placed in window envelopes the company provides. Drop it in a mailbox, and you can elect to receive an email alert when the return receipt has been delivered.


The service costs 35 cents for a #10 envelope. Larger 9 x 12 envelopes cost 50 cents. The company’s website indicates accounts are typically setup like a postage meter.

The service seems like a nice alternative to driving to the post office and could make up for the increase in postage cost by saving you time.

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