Secure Your Smartphone Before Upgrading

Most solo and small firm attorneys make use of smartphones without the assistance of an IT department. When you upgrade to a new phone, be sure to follow these steps before handing over your old phone.

Take whatever you need off the old phone

Either backup your old phone onto your computer or pull off files that you need. Almost everything you use on a smartphone should be synched up to a cloud somewhere. But before you wipe your phone clean, be sure everything you need is off that phone.

Erase everything

Before you turn your old phone in, clear it yourself.

Many smartphones have a “reset” or “erase all settings and content” feature. On an iPhone, go to settings>reset>erase all settings and content. If you did it correctly, the phone will reboot, and show a plugin into iTunes diagram. You can also do the same thing through iTunes and clicking on “restore.”

I am willing to bet that other smartphones have a similar function and without a doubt, do a clean wipe is the safest way to erase everything on your smartphone.

Change your passwords

Whether you access your email through a smartphone email application, or through a web browser, your password is probably stored somewhere in there. Theoretically, your clean wipe should have erased all those stored passwords.

Just in case, however, change all of the passwords for every work-related application on your phone (email, calendar, Dropbox, Skype, etc.)

Changing passwords is annoying, but protecting your firm’s security is an absolute must.

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