Secure Smartphone Data with Wallet

I just wrote about the smartphone security for attorneys—highlighting concerns and possible fixes for security issues. In that post, I mentioned that treating your smartphone like your wallet is a great way to make sure you keep tabs on your phone.

A new app for Android, called Wallet, can help you securely store private info on your smartphone.

How it works

Wallet lets you securely store sensitive data on your Android smartphone. Everything stored within the app is only accessible after entering a master password. Without entering the master password, the data is not accessible.

As an added precaution, the app does not store the password on your phone, it only stores is as a SHA-512 hash (a SHA is a secure hash algorithm). On top of that, Wallet will auto-lock after a set time period and wipe the clipboard of any data. Bottom line: without the master password, it is very difficult to access the private data.

Lastly, Wallet also works with Dropbox and will automatically backup data to Dropbox over a secure connection.

Should you use it?

As I noted in my recent post on smartphone security, you need to have, at a minimum, password protection on your phone. Being able to remotely wipe your phone is a good backup option. On top of that, storing sensitive data inside of “locked” app like Dropbox or Wallet is another level of protection.

Think about it, even if your house has deadbolts, do you leave your birth certificate and other private information on the kitchen table? Wallet only costs $.69 right now, which is a small price to pay for an added level of security.


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