Se we learned a while ago that an unwarranted percentage of lawyers are essentially high-functioning psychopaths. You might be telling yourself you dodged that psychopath bullet because you are just not that awful. You are nice to your spouse, children, kittens, stray dogs, etc. It is just at work that you are a ball of stress and anger. Well, guess what? Your jerkiness is literally turning the people around you into jerks as well.

Encountering rude behavior at work makes people more likely to perceive rudeness in later interactions, a University of Florida study shows. That perception makes them more likely to be impolite in return, spreading rudeness like a virus. […]

Just like those who experience rudeness firsthand, people who witness it were more likely to be rude to others. When study participants watched a video of a rude workplace interaction, then answered a fictitious customer email that was neutral in tone, they were more likely to be hostile in their responses than those who viewed a polite interaction before responding.

So, next time you are wondering why everyone in your office is just so hostile and rude, look within yourself, young Padawan, and see if you are a jerk.

Featured image: “Big Boss screaming to businessman” from Shutterstock.

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  1. EarlyMedievalSerf says:

    I read the other day the biggest jerk of a lawyer I’ve ever met was appointed as a Judge!

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