Earlier this week I wrote about the surge of “inbox helper” programs to help individuals with the crushing number of e-mails they receive.

Gmail’s Boomerang can help with inbox management, but it can also re-send e-mails to you upon request and schedule when you send e-mails.

Messages can be re-sent to you

Boomerang can help manage your inbox by re-sending messages at a scheduled day/time. For example, if you need to reply to something by Friday at 2pm, you can tell Boomerang to re-send the message at 1pm on Friday. If you are not good at putting things on your calendar, this is a nice way to make sure that things get taken care of.

If you get overwhelmed by a full inbox, you can also tell Boomerang to re-send the message in a couple hours, when hopefully your inbox is not as full. In my opinion, this just makes it easy to put off doing anything. The assumption that you will not be as busy later is usually a false one.

Schedule when your e-mails are sent

When your inbox is full in the morning, you are less likely to instantly reply to messages. Many times people get caught up in something before clearing out their inbox and end up ignoring some messages.

One way to avoid having your messages get lost in the shuffle is to schedule when they are sent. For example, sending an e-mail at 6pm usually means it gets lost in the morning pile. If you delay the message until 9 or 10 am the next day, you might get a faster response. Obviously, this feature should not be used for a time-sensitive matter. That said, it could result in sending fewer “did you get my last e-mail” messages.

The program is currently in beta and works with Chrome and Firefox. Give it a shot!

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  1. Rafi Arbel says:

    Apparently Boomerang is only available to a limited audience as I was not able to find Boomerang in my Google Labs selection.

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