Schedule Around Your Productivity

Nearly everyone experiences some form of daily lethargy. For some, it occurs at 3 p.m. on the dot and sugar and/or caffeine seem more appealing than usual. For non-morning people, anything before noon might be considered “wake up” time. veryone is different, and people consider themselves most productive at varying times. Once you figure out your peaks and valleys, however, plan your schedule accordingly.

High productivity time periods. Schedule client meetings during one of your more productive time periods. Appearance is everything to clients, and you do not want to look you like you are either: (1) still waking up, or (2) watching the clock to go home. I prefer client meetings late morning, after I have had my morning coffee, gotten into my work flow, and handled my inbox for the morning. I try and avoid client meetings after 4 p.m., when my attention tends to wander, and I am trying to plan for the next day.

Low productivity times. Yes, you can get things done during these periods. For the most part, focus on tasks that do not require as much energy. Clear out your inbox and return those emails that have been sitting there. Spend some time on your marketing efforts. When you are dragging a bit, doing something different, like blogging, can help rebound your energy level.

The key is not trying to overachieve all day, but designing your workday around when you work best.

(photo: GDS Digital)

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