Regular Lawyerist readers know how much we love our ScanSnap s1500 scanners. I have been running Lawyerist from a paperless office for many months now.

Yesterday I went to scan a business expense reimbursement receipt and the ScanSnap Manager software crashed on me. I rebooted the computer, but it crashed again.

Thankfully, I was able to fix my problem in under 5 minutes. Apparently there is a conflict with the old ScanSnap Manager driver software and Windows 7. The Fujitsu website has a quick and free ScanSnap Manager software upgrade available which will get you back to scanning in no time.


  1. Bill Balena says:

    I have recently been having problems with the scansnap software in Vista. I will be checking for this update, Thanks.

    On another note, my part-time secretary who was scanning old bankruptcy files broke off the flip out part of the paper tray. Luckily I bought my S1500 from Costco. They have a no questions asked return policy. I took it back to a warehouse store and received a cash card. I then ordered a new S1500 from their website, paid with the cash card, and had a replacement in 2 business days.

  2. Unhappy S1500 with WIn7 says:

    I have had 2 S1500 working with Windows Xp and Vista. Although the software is rather poorly organized the hardware worked superbly. except for the flip-out which broke quickly – poorly designed part.
    The Windows 7 fix provided by Fujitsu does not work properly. It only allows the scanner to work if the scanner is already connected before the computer is booted. Connecting the scanner to a booted computer results in a report that the device is connected and working — but it does not work. De-installing, using Fujitsu clean-up tool and reinstalling does not correct that issue. Calling Fujitsu level 2 and 3 resulted in nothing. I use it with the main stream HP laptop that came with factory Windows 7. Great disappointment. What a wonderful scanner killed by poorly executed software and lack of ability to use any other software with it. Unfortunately Fujitsu designed their software to be the driver at the same time.

  3. Sam Glover says:

    @Unhappy: I am not having the problem you mention with Win7. I can connect the scanner after booting and scan just fine. I wonder if some other software on your system is interfering with the recognition of the scanner.

  4. Lyn Williams says:

    Bought my Scansnap S1500 a week ago, downloaded the software onto my laptop (windows 7) and it worked fine.
    Took my lap top on the road for a few days, got back, connected it all up and now the scanner light just flashes. The icon in the task bar has a “No entry” type of indicator. Removed software, downloaded software from the internet and still the same problem. Going crazy here, really need it to work asap.

    • Ken Tooker says:


      Simple solution, do a CTL/Shift/Space Bar (all at the same time). Then fill in where you want the documents to be stored. I just ran into this a short time ago when a ScanSnap Manager update came thru. I had to go to the manual..

      Have fun,

  5. Judy N says:

    I download an update for my ScanSnap FI-10110EOX2. For some reason it was set automatically to Twain instead of Scan Snap. The CardMinder menu is greyed out and will not allow me to reset. Removed software, downloaded software from the internet and still the same problem. Going crazy here, really need it to work asap.

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