The iPod arguably revolutionized how people stored and listened to music, will Apple’s new tablet device change classrooms forever? At least one person thinks the tablet may cause students and schools to abandon traditional text books.

Frank Lyman, of Coursesmart, a digital publishing venture of five textbook companies, thinks the future is in tablets.

“The key is that with multifunction devices, you can do more than just read the textbook. You can interact with the content,” he said. “It is all about having your textbooks integrated with other tools and resources that you use for learning.”

I think law students would love digital tablets as textbook replacements. For one, students would not have to lug around heavy books all day. Students could both read and take notes on a tablet device, rather than bring books and a laptop or notepad to class.

Professors, on the other hand, might not be keen on the idea. As noted in this article, many professors ban laptops in the classroom. A digital tablet will create the same opportunities for distraction as a laptop.

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