Carolyn Elefant and I sat down yesterday to chat about my practice, solo law practice in general, and the future of law. We used Skype for a video chat, so you can watch the whole thing:

We got cut off at the end, so you missed my predictions for the future of law practice.

I have a couple of thoughts on that. My main concern is that we may end up with a “lost generation” of lawyers—those who graduate between about 2008 and 2012. By the time the economy recovers, many of those lawyers will have little or no experience, and will not be as attractive as newer grads. But I hope that “lost generation” will result in some creative new approaches to law practice, both from new lawyers and current lawyers taking advantage of the availability of affordable associates.

Skype worked pretty well for this. It is heavily dependent on the quality of your internet connection, as you can imagine. And while my webcam’s built-in microphone worked well, I might try a headset the next time for better voice quality.

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