Run Meetings Like Google

Intra-office meetings are notoriously considered tedious exercises in futility, drags on productivity, and generally annoying. If you are fortunate enough to have input on how meetings are run at your firm, suggest running the next meeting like Google.

Have a set agenda. Address each issue like something on a grocery list and move onto the next topic. Agendas force participants to pay attention and stay focused.

Stick to the clock. If you allot 30 minutes for a meeting, stick to the time limit. A time limit will help participants stay focused for the shorter period of time, and will decrease extraneous conversation during the meeting.

Create open-office hours. If you are in a management position, set aside a time to allow individuals to address specific concerns. This should help prevent individual issues from popping up during large meetings.

Work Hacks: How to Run Meetings Google-style | Web Worker Daily

(photo: Tony Simkin)

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