Today, Rocket Matter released its new iPhone app. This replaces the old mobile web interface. Like MyCase, the Rocket Matter app is, unfortunately, iPhone-only, so iPad users will have to use the regular web interface. It also makes Rocket Matter the third of the “big 4” online practice management software options with a native iOS app. None support Android or Windows Phone, yet. (Clio only has a mobile site, which means you need an internet connection and a bit more patience to access your data.)

The new Rocket Matter app is good, but the Total Attorneys iOS app that launched at ABA TechShow this spring is still tops — by a long shot. While the software isn’t perfect (in particular, because you’ll have to view upsell ads while using it), the iPad app is awesome.


  1. Robby Cohen says:

    On the Rocket Matter App Store page, it shows that while it isn’t a “made-for-ipad” application, it does work just fine on the iPad.

  2. Jack Schiffman says:

    Is there a chart or list of features comparing cloud based practice management software programs?

    • Sam Glover says:

      Not that I’m aware of. Feature comparisons wouldn’t be all that useful, anyway. They all have more or less the same features. And if they don’t now, they will in a few months. All are still in fairly rapid development. Choosing software is more about picking the one you like to use best. That’s why nearly all those who have reviewed the options on Lawyerist have come to different conclusions about which to use themselves.

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