First of all, let me point out that it’s an honor to be considered by Sam to use Rocket Matter. It wasn’t long ago that Sam, a very tech-savvy lawyer, intended to handle his IT needs himself.

Managing IT is one thing when you’re a one man band. But as firms scale, those that embrace a holistic practice management system end up saving themselves a lot of time. First, they maintain focus and conserve precious minutes by not having to switch between applications to look up client contact information, the status of a case, where they are in their billing, and how their matters are coming along. Second, the more moving parts you have in a system means the more things can break, resulting in more firm downtime.

For those of you who don’t know what we do, Rocket Matter is a cloud-based legal productivity application, meaning you manage your practice and time and billing via any standards-compliant browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer). Being able to access a program through a browser means you can access it from any major operating system, allowing you to run Macs, PCs, or Linux, or a combination of them, as well as have access to your essential Rocket Matter data via modern smart phones, such as the iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or Palm Pre.

Sam’s Specific Concerns

To get you up and running, Rocket Matter can import data from a variety of sources such as Outlook, vCard, iCalendar, or other common standards. If you don’t have your data accessible in any of those formats, you can either (a) massage your information into a Rocket Matter Excel import template or (b) work with our Professional Services division for custom import work.

As far as synching and working with a heterogeneous mobile environment such as the one you describe, we believe that over-the-air data transfer is by far the best way to go. In our opinion, synching is yesterday’s technology from a usability and security perspective. It’s a headache to setup, does not give you access to the latest information without synching, and requires a cradle.

From a security perspective, when users of cloud legal software lose their phones, you log the user out and remove their password and no confidential client data will be compromised. You don’t have to invest in Blackberry Enterprise Server and move to a homogenous mobile environment in order to remotely erase data.

That said, if you do insist, we have some options for you. For instance, we offer an Internet Calendar subscription which you read in Outlook or Google Calendar. You can export and import contacts on demand from our application, which can then be moved very easily into GMail or other applications. And look for upcoming future integrations with web services such as GMail as we look to improve and automate those processes.

3 responses to “Rocket Matter Practice Management Software for Sam’s Law Firm?”

  1. Harry Connick, Jr. says:

    I’m a bit miffed you’ve used my photo without my authorization.

    Otherwise, nice article.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Larry,

    I’ve got two more concerns for you: 1) Where is my data stored? If my data leaves the United States — I could be in violation of ethical or legal requirements. 2) What steps do you take to prevent your staff from seeing my data?


  3. Denver Lawyer says:

    Hi Larry Thanks for the post I really liked reading your post bookmarked it and will be back for more information.. Thanks :)

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