Cloud-based practice management software is still adding features, and the latest round of updates focuses on document generation and document assembly. In January, Rocket Matter added document assembly, which we talked about in the LAB. Clio added its own document assembly feature shortly afterwards. Just yesterday, MyCase just announced that its document assembly is coming soon, and that it will also allow users—and clients with permission—to edit documents in the browser.

Document assembly is a serious time-saver, but if it requires extra software and intense setup, it doesn’t really work. The solutions from Clio and Rocket Matter are integrated into the software you already use to manage your practice, and dead simple to use. (I’m assuming MyCase will be the same.)

(Rocket Matter and Clio have given me complimentary accounts so I can test their software on an ongoing basis. I do not use either of them for my firm.)

11 responses to “Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase add Document Assembly”

  1. I use rocket matter’s document assembly, and while it is very easy to use, and saves me a lot of time, it is also missing some features that I would think should be very easy for them to implement, but just haven’t. For example, they give you a “field” that will allow you to populate your own firms address, but they don’t give you a “field” to populate opposing counsel’s address. All my forms already have my firms address, I don’t need a field for that. I need a field to populate opposing counsel’s address, and telephone number, and fax number, etc. The information is in rocket matter already, they just need to make a field for it. I do not see why it hasn’t been done already.

  2. Larry Port says:

    Hi Craig:

    We hear you loud and clear and this is a great suggestion, we are always listening to what people have to say. We’ll pass this along to the product team. Never hesitate to send us a blast at and let us know what you’re thinking.

    And just so you have a little insight why we add or don’t add certain things, usually it has to do with how many people request items vs engineering time required vs other priorities. So if you’re really passionate about something, gather up your Rocket Matter friends and barrage us with emails at and affect change! ;-)

    Thanks for using the product and feel free to shoot me an email whenever.


    Larry Port
    Rocket Matter

  3. Kyle says:

    @Sam. You mentioned that you no longer use either Clio or Rocket Matter? What do you currently use to manage your practice?

    • Sam Glover says:

      I use Gmail, Google Calendar, and Remember the Milk for email, calendar, and tasks. I use Freshbooks for timekeeping and billing and Quickbooks for bookkeeping. They don’t fit together as elegantly as an integrated practice management solution, but I can do that because I am solo and I am rarely satisfied by all-in-one things.

      • ed heben says:


        Are you still using all the above products? How do you handle trust accounting? I do mostly litigation with retainer fees needing to be transferred from the trust account and replenished every 2-4 weeks. What do you recommend for my situation? I am not a computer geek and have been practicing for 36 years.

        What do you think of amicus cloud coming out?

        • Sam Glover says:

          I don’t use any of these, but all of them do trust accounting. I think Amicus anything is pretty awful.

        • Sam Glover says:

          To elaborate RE Amicus Cloud, I got to see it at TechShow, and I thought it was ugly, over-complicated, and unintuitive. Plus, the sales rep was spreading FUD about other cloud software, which turned me off.

  4. Kevin H says:

    Is anyone aware of any cloud-based practice management software/systems that offer customizable and pre-configured to-do lists or checklists? Something that would associate one task with another — for instance, when discovery is served and marked as such, the next task is automatically calendared (a calendar item 33 days later that reminds you to “follow up with opposing counsel on overdue responses”).

    • Sam Glover says:

      I am pretty sure Advologix will do this, if you don’t mind the CRM-style approach. I’ve been asking Clio and Rocket Matter for simple task templates for years, but so far, no go.

  5. Bill says:

    I am new to the cloud but have now switched over to Rocket Matter from Amicus. I started with the free trial from Clio, because it was cheaper, and loved it. I was reluctant to give Rocket Matter a try because of the cost in adding my paralegal. I think $30 a month extra. Tried RM and bought the program. Made a big difference in my law practice. Bill more time and easy to keep up with trust. Try them all out and go with what works for you. My case the extra money has been well worth it.
    PS I am just a lawyer and not here to help Rocket Matter. Just want attorneys to try this type of case management .

  6. Brenda says:

    Looking for an update on whether to choose Clio, RM or other for time and billing, after using Timeslips for 20+ years and need a Mac platform. Features wanted include client portal, ease of interface and use for non-technical user (me), Iphone entry, any other bells and whistles that others recommend.

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