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Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

Law Technology Now: “The Origin of Rocket Matter: What Makes Web-Based Legal Software Successful”

In last week’s episode of Law Technology Now, host Bob Ambrogi talked to Larry Port, founder of law practice management software company Rocket Matter. The discussion ranges from competition in the practice management software market, third-party integrations, and advice for anyone starting their own legal tech company.

ABA Journal—Modern Law Library: “Legal Asylum by Paul Goldstein: A Satiric Look at Legal Academia”

Host Jon Malysiak, who directs Ankerwycke Books, the trade imprint of ABA Publishing, talked with author, lawyer, and law professor Paul Goldstein, about his new novel, Legal Asylum: A Comedy. Legal Asylum looks at just how far the dean of a small state law school will go in trying to get her school into one of the top five slots of the U.S. News rankings.

99% Invisible: “Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle”

99% Invisible is a podcast about unseen architecture and design and how those things shape our thinking about the world. In this episode, host Roman Mars explores the development of the taser, which arose when LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates wished for a weapon like “that thing used in Buck Rogers…to zap ’em, freeze ’em, stop ’em.”

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