Rocket Matter always had a unique user interface, and it aged really well. But it was aging, and it lacked some features of a modern UI. It needed a refresh.

Today, Rocket Matter releases its Atlas update, which is more than a mere refresh. With Atlas, Rocket Matter thoroughly reworked the user experience—and it’s pretty great. Everything looks better, and Rocket Matter focused on enabling users to get things done with fewer clicks. You can accomplish most primary tasks (creating tasks, contacts, matters, etc.) with the Big Green Button on every page. Other tasks take fewer clicks than before. And perhaps the biggest upgrade is to the calendar, which was one of my big complaints about the old interface. Now, it is a pleasure to use.

Along with the interface, Rocket Matter added an important new feature: matter templates with cascading events. You can create a template for matters and set up tasks with due date based on the matter open date or on the due date of previous tasks. You can also add data fields for use with Rocket Matter’s document assembler.

New users will get the Atlas interface starting today. Existing users can turn on Atlas immediately, but will have 45 days to switch. After that, Atlas will be the default for everyone.

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