Want to give clients the feeling that they are extra special to you by sending a handwritten note? Have a job interview where you still feel duty-bound to send a thank-you letter in the mail like it is still the 1800s? Need to do these things but do not want to actually, you know, have to physically write anything? Bond has you covered. Bond is a robot that will use a fancy fountain pen and send handwritten (well, robot-written) letters to the people you want to impress. You can choose one of their pre-designed handwriting styles or you can give them $199 to make their robots learn your horrible scrawl or for $499 they will sit you down with a handwriting expert so that your chicken scratch is less scratchy and then turn their robots loose on that.

Learn more by watching the somewhat overly fawning video.

I am mocking this, but since it involves fountain pens and robots, two of my twin obsessions, the chances I will end up giving Bond some of my money is high.

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