Rework Your Social Media Strategy

Social media campaigns can be fun at first, at can quickly flame out for perceived lack of success. If you find your social media campaign has stalled, now is the time to step back and rework it to make it successful.

What worked?

Start with the positive—what worked in the past? Did your legal blog get readers before you stopped posting to it? Was your Facebook page popular? Did you meet lots of local attorneys using Twitter?

If you can clearly see that one thing worked, and another did not, that can help determine where you future efforts go. Focusing on what works is much more useful than throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Is it time to outsource?

Maybe your campaign was successful, you just got tired of doing it, and do not have time to work on it now. In that case, consider paying someone else to take charge. Especially if your campaign was generating clients, it is probably worth the overhead to keep it going.

Create a new angle

Social media campaigns are becoming more and more prevalent, especially when bloggers like yours truly keep blabbing about them. If you think your campaign is ok, but does not stand out from the crowd, then change your campaign.

Make it fun. Add some spice. If you do not think a lawyer’s social media campaign can be fun, you are dead wrong. Do you have an outgoing personality? Do clients laugh at your jokes? That should be reflected in your campaign—show your audience your personality.

Get feedback

Hopefully you know at least one other attorney who has a well-received social media campaign. Ask them for feedback on your blog, your website, your Facebook page. If they know what they are doing, their input can be quite valuable.

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  1. Set participation plans/goals/schedule. Social media/networking only works if you participate. Stop the “I set up a profile and get no results” mantra. How well does your email work if you don’t send and respond to emails?

    Be reasonable. Even small “participation investments” can yield significant results.

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