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  • Customer Experience & Support - 9.5/10
  • Pricing & Value - 8/10
  • Security - 9.5/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 9.25/10
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Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Community Rating: 3/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Composite Rating: 4/5

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Corvum is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider specifically for lawyers and law firms. Essentially, they provide internet-based phone services that can go wherever your office is. As our review shows, they integrate directly with Clio’s Law Practice Management Software, and provide business texting (SMS only at this time) capabilities—which solves a few specific problems for attorney communications.

Who Corvum is For

Corvum would be good for any small to medium-sized attorney who wants the functionality of VoIP phone services. It is particularly good for ones who want business texting, and have remote workers who need access to an “office” phone.

Corvum Features

Corvum Dashboard
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Starting Price
  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • MacOS
  • Web
  • Windows
Core Voice Features
For VoIP providers, the following are essential Voice features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.
Number Porting
Are you able to transfer your existing numbers to the Provider?
Auto Attendant
Most Providers allow you to set-up a custom greeting and caller guide..
Call Recording
Does the Provider allow you to record phone calls?
Conference Calling
Are you able to make calls to multiple recipients at the same time?
Conference Room (Bridge)
Can you host multiple-user call-in conference rooms?
Can users set-up their own personalized voicemail inboxes?
Can you page other individuals on the VoIP system?
Can you make announcements to multiple users at the same time?
Presence Indicator
Will the system allow you to indicate whether team members are currently on another line?
HD Call Quality
Does the service provide constant HD quality?
Core Management Features
For VoIP providers, the following are essential Call Management features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.
Call Forwarding
Does the Provider allow you to forward your business phone number to your cell phone or other phone line?
Call Management
Is your frontdesk able to hold, route, forward, or even block calls, and can you manage those easily?
Caller ID
Does the Provider show the Caller ID of the incoming caller?
Call Parking
Otherwise known as "shared hold", Call Parking allows you to place a call on hold on one device and switch to another (like your cell phone) without losing the connection.
Call Transfer
Can users transfer calls from one extension directly to another?
Call Waiting
Does the Provider allow you to get notified of another call while you are currently on the line, and then switch back-and-forth between the two calls?
Custom Call Routing
Are you able to set-up automatic menu options for incoming calls?
Custom Schedules
Can you route/restrict calls based on the date and time you receive them?
Do Not Disturb
Can individual users set their incoming calls to go directly to VM, or route elsewhere?
Emergency Services
Are you able to associate particular addresses with extensions so the appropriate Emergency Services are notified when you call 911?
Can you set up separate extensions for individual users, and use them to communicate internally?
Security Features
E2E Encryption
Does the provider use true End-to-End Encryption for all calls and at all times?
Location of Data
Additional Featrues
  • Clio
Web App/Portal
Does the provider give you access to your information via a web application?
Visual Voicemail
Can you access and review your voicemail messages through an app or online account?
Can you have voicemail messages transcribed to email?
Hot Desking
Does your user phone number and features follow you to different devices that you log into?
Ring Groups
Can you set-up specific groups to alert to incoming phone calls?
Business Alert
Will the provider alert you that a forwarded phone call is, in fact, forwarded prior to you answering the call?

Additional Corvum Review Details

Setting Up Auto-Attendant

Corvum allows you to create business rules for phone calls that come into your office (i.e. after 3pm, all calls route to a particular member of your team). These are often complex to assemble and the view under-the-hood can, at times, be daunting. The Corvum team is happy to help you create, edit and adjust these rules as needed.


Visual Voicemail. Although Visual Voicemail is very common on our smartphones and some other applications, it is important to note that Corvum has it. This feature allows you to download MP3s of your messages and save them to your file if necessary. Additionally, it allows you to access your messages using a visual dashboard instead of calling into your Voicemail Box.

Voicemail to Text. As speech-to-text recognition has gotten better, the value of automatically transcribing your voice messages to text has increased. This is especially valuable for attorneys who find themselves in Court or other venues where they can check their email, but wouldn’t be able to call-in to their voicemail box.

Business Text Messaging

Corvum SMS viewer
[Screenshot provided by]

Corvum’s Business Text Messaging, their newest feature as of this review, may not be as feature-filled as other products like ZipWhip, but it likely has all the functionality a small to medium-sized practice needs. Although the most useful part of business text messaging services is not needing to use personal cell phones for client communications, most attorneys will find the ability to create searchable, downloadable text strings to be useful. Those attorneys who use Clio will even be able to sync these strings to their client communications.

Sync with Clio

Image of Clio integration

As we have said at Lawyerist before, not all synchronization claims are the same. Ideally, when connecting information to and from an LPMS, you want to look for push-pull synchronization, which Corvum has. This means that not only does the Corvum system retrieve information out of Clio, it will also send information directly to Clio for filing. For example, contacts from Clio can be accessed in the Corvum system, and new contacts created from Corvum will automatically show-up in your Clio system.

Software Phone

In order to make and receive phone calls with Corvum, you’ll need to download a software phone from Bria (which comes with your Corvum service). The benefit of these “soft” phones, and possibly the main benefit of VoIP altogether, is that you take your phone with you wherever your computer is (or wherever your smartphone is). You can download this app for desktop computers, mobile devices, or even desk phones that are set-up for VoIP connectivity.

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1 Corvum Community Review

  1. Rachel H. says:

    Good but not great

    Corvum’s team is Canadian and very responsive, which I like. However, the integration with Clio, which is otherwise a top selling point, does nothing for me. Corvum doesn’t integrate with any of my apps. You can text off the browser app, which has low mobile functionality. There is no corresponding android app (although there is an apple app) that allows text messaging, making this feature more of a hindrance than a help unless you use the browser based app frequently. Prices are good and the team is great; however, it is costly to add other users or phone numbers and there are no decent workarounds. It includes voip fax if you need it but the fax number doesn’t seem to be portable.