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" virtual receptionist logo is a virtual receptionist service for phone calls and web chat, offering client intake and scheduling by professionals backed by powerful artificial intelligence (AI).

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  • Customer Experience & Support - 9/10
  • Pricing & Value - 8.75/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 8.75/10
Comments Rating 4.57 (7 reviews)

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Our Rating: 4.4/5

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Community Rating: 4.6/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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Composite Rating: 4.5/5

The composite rating is a weighted average of our rating and the community ratings below. is a virtual receptionist and intake service for live calls and web chat that provides all the services you’d need from an answering service, plus potential client qualification, client intake, and appointment booking via your phone lines and website. Highlights

Just text it. Will you be in court for a few hours and unable to answer calls? Do you prefer to have calls directed to you? Or maybe you just want all calls handled and call summaries sent to you for a while. With, there’s no need to log into any interface, just text them to manage how your calls are handled.

Qualified new leads. is capable of handling your entire potential client qualification and intake process. Their receptionists will talk with potential clients who call your office or contact potential clients who have completed your ‘Contact Us’ forms and, based on your criteria, ensure that those folks will be a good match for your practice. From there, they can transfer the call immediately, schedule a call-back, or book a consultation on your calendar. They’ll even take payment if you charge for new client consults.

Earn referral fees. When one of your potential new clients asks for help outside your practice area or your geographical area, sometimes you aren’t able to help. And sometimes you know just the person to get the job done. With, you provide your referral lists—and your specific instructions on when to send potential clients to your recommended attorneys —to your virtual receptionists, helping you earn referral fees from potential clients you aren’t able to work with. Just remember, there are ethics rules you must consider carefully when tweaking your referral pipeline. Pricing is unique from other virtual receptionist services because it prices per call, not per minute. Like other services, it does not charge for spam calls, unsolicited sales calls, or wrong-numbers.

  • The Starter package costs $70/mo for 10 receptionist calls, 1 transfer phone number, and $7/call after 10.
  • The Basic package is $180/mo for 30 calls, 2 transfer phone numbers, and $6/call after 30.
  • The Pro package is $500/mo for 100 calls, 5 transfer phone numbers, and $5/call after 100.

The transfer phone number is the number that your receptionists will transfer phone calls to. For example, if you have 5 attorneys at your firm, you can add their five numbers as transfer numbers in the Pro package.

If you’re interested in’s Live Web Chat services, staffed by human receptionists, those plans start at $100/month for 10 relevant chats. The AI-powered chatbot is free and includes unlimited chats and instant setup.

To help you determine what package would work best for you, and to see if you could benefit from the many add-on services they offer, offers a 30-day or 10-call (whichever comes first) free trial. After the free trial, if you decide that none of the packages work for you but you like the service, you can also create a custom plan that works best for your practice.

Starting price$70/month
for 10 calls
Free trial30 days or 10 calls free, whichever comes first
Live receptionist
Customizable greeting/script
Live transfers/call forwarding
Takes messages
Call overflow
Client intake
Outbound calls
Appointment scheduling
Use existing number
Free local or toll-free number
Real-time notifications
Additional languagesSpanish
Hours5am-9pm PT and 8am-12am ET

Things You Might Want to Know

Integrations. features integrations with over 30 different popular legal software, including Clio, Rocket Matter, PracticePanther, and Lexicata, and compatibility with a wide variety of calendar and scheduling apps, including Acuity, Appointy, Calendly, Google Calendar, Schedulista, ScheduleOnce, and It also has its own Zapier app so you can customize your own integrations and workflows with

Text, email, or Slack summaries. Get messages after every call and daily summaries of all calls at 6:30 pm PST through text, email, or Slack. You can also select who in your firm will receive the summaries.

Free spam blocking. blocks spam, sales, and wrong-number calls for free so you won’t be charged for calls that don’t do your practice any good. They’ve identified over 20 million known spammers and can block certain numbers based on your preferences.

Rotating receptionists. There are no set receptionists for your practice. Instead, a rotating group of receptionists will handle your calls according to the criteria and preferences you will have sent to before enrolling in their service. Having no set receptionists means that if you happen to receive many calls at once, either through a new marketing campaign or by just being busy there will be plenty of capacity to handle your higher call volume. And don’t worry about training new receptionists to your practice, they’ll be using proprietary AI software to handle calls naturally, following the prompts and interface (not scripts) on their computer screens.

They work with businesses other than law firms. While works primarily with attorneys, some of their other clientele are in other businesses. While they are well versed in the needs and requirements of attorneys who practice solo and in firms, it doesn’t hurt to be clear and diligent in setting forth your requirements, preferences, and criteria for them, as you would with other services.

Live Chat. also offers live chat staffed by the same U.S.-based phone receptionists, so you can have a live professional capture, screen, and book potential clients that visit your website. This is a service separate from its live receptionist services with its own add-on and pricing package. Though you’ll receive a discount if you sign up for both services.

Cloud phone system. Another feature that makes stand out from other virtual receptionist services is its upcoming cloud phone system, Keypad. It will cost $25/mo and will offer services like porting your number to the cloud, call routing, fax, voicemail transcription, call recording, and call analytics. Keypad will work seamlessly with’s virtual receptionist services.

Who is For is best suited to solo, boutique, and small firms trying to scale and actively bring in new clients, while still providing excellent service to current and past clients. is also a great option for firms looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing receptionist services.

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7 Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Kim B. says:

    Amazing service!

    I’ve been with Smith for some time and every day I am happier with the services. My clients and potential clients love them and they are always helpful with improving how I create a client-focused business.

    As a service provider that hates the billable hour, I love that Smith has created a flexible service that focuses on providing value to its customers and not simply charging by the minute.

    The team is open to suggestions, communicates well, and offers recommendations to improve my business.

    And – did I mention how well they use the other tools in my business! Fab service and I recommend them to everyone.

    Smith is an invaluable part of my team and I’m happy to be a long-time customer!

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  2. Avatar Emily C. says:

    Great back up

    Our office used as our exclusive outsourced receptionist for years. We now use it for back up to our full time receptionist. Smith ai was able to handle our unique intake process, schedule intake and client appointments and allow our firm to grow and scale by basically being our full-time receptionist until we were ready to hire our own. Now we have phones roll over to Smith ai when our receptionist is at lunch or too busy or out. It is great to know that even when our on site person cannot answer the phone, our back up keeps things smooth, can handle matters using the same process and assures the our customers are getting great service.

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  3. Avatar Carol W. says:

    Absolutely Wonderful has really helped me provide another level of service to my potential and current clients. Before I wasn’t able to answer all the calls and get all the legal work done. I was missing too many calls. Having speak to current clients ensures they don’t feel ignored when I’m unable to get to the phone right away. I’ve also captured more clients because transfers all potential clients directly to me rather then them going to voicemail. This ensures I speak to them right away. is super responsive. I have changed call instructions often and responds the same day. When my instructions haven’t been super clear, they have affirmatively reached out to me for clarification rather than just guessing. makes my life as a law firm owner easier!

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  4. Avatar Jess B. says:


    I’m a solo and I used to answer my own phones. That is until one holiday season I had a PC call that died in my voicemail and was unearthed 3 weeks later after the New Year. OOPS. (Miraculously they hired me anyway). After that I decided that I needed to upgrade my phone game. I’ve been working with Smith.Ai for phone calls and chat for over a year now and absolutely LOVE IT.

    I firmly believe that if somebody picks up a phone to call you they want a human being to answer. Not a phone tree and not your voicemail saying you only return calls between 4 and 6 pm or whatever. Your clients deserve a human being to pick up the phone. Now my clients get that. I have a basic call handling procedure that the VRs handle brilliantly.

    I really love the slack integration, they can ping me and see if my staff or I are available for the call and if we aren’t they schedule a call time with our Acuity account. The whole thing just works brilliantly and I don’t ever want to go back to answering my own phones ever again!

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  5. Avatar Justie N. says: is great

    I have been a customer for quite some time. I think I first found them when I was a Lawyerist Insider. Maddy and I connected over never answering my own phone again. Our mutual love for making things more efficient grew from there. The entire team at is of that mindset. I recently expanded and brought on a partner, so I am experiencing the team side of things for the first time. I have found that with appropriate account instructions, handles all of our needs exceptionally well. And when there is doubt about what happens with a particular type of call, or what the account instructions are, or even what to do about their varying intake procedures–I get direct emails from their OWNERS making sure my concerns are noted and adjusting things to my needs. I’ve had chat and Zapier integration for quite some time. They do an amazing job. I’m now providing some feedback on their phone system, Keypad, as we just made that switch, as well. Smith handles all of our inbound and outbound calls with minimal errors and exceptional attention to detail.

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  6. Avatar John S. says:

    Great Service!

    I’ve been using for over a year, and I’m not going anywhere else. I know that I’ve got someone ready to answer calls for me during the day and get the right information from my clients for me. They also help by blocking the calls I shouldn’t receive (like telemarketers and spam), and then they don’t charge me for those calls.

    The flat-rate pricing is great–I’m not worried about getting a surprise bill from them. I know what to expect each month.

    Maddy & the team have been great at getting things set up. Beyond that, they’ve spent hours helped me work on my call structure so that it works better for me, my staff, and my clients. What other service will offer that support?

    Yes, there are times that call volume is up and they don’t get right to the call. This is frustrating, but it’s a reality of all business–we get swamped sometimes.

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  7. Avatar Nicholas P. says:

    Bad Quality

    Just canceled our service today. They started letting a lot of our calls go to voicemail in the middle of the workday. I don’t need to pay someone $500/month to transcribe voicemails, my iPhone does that automatically.
    Also not a good fit for teams. If I set my status to away when I’m in court, they will not transfer any calls to my paralegal. Very paradoxical.
    The ability to text them to set your status is a nice feature. I hope they expand on the text messages to allow you to text a human and ask them to do things. Right now it is texting a bot and you have to text it with the exact command or it won’t work. is a good idea, but they don’t have any customer support to speak of. You always have to wait for a call back the next day. Not responsive and not acceptable.

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