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LiquidSpace is an online marketplace to help attorneys and other professionals find an on-demand office space for hourly, daily, monthly, or longer rentals.

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LiquidSpace is an online marketplace to help you find a workspace, coworking space, or virtual office space for your law practice.

LiquidSpace Highlights

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One of many LiquidSpace locations you can rent

Workspace network and partners. If you’re looking for an office for a year (or just an afternoon), LiquidSpace boasts over 18,000 different locations in 1,450 cities for your choosing. LiquidSpace doesn’t own or control these spaces. Instead, it connects you, through its website or mobile app, with others who have space to rent. It’s kind of like Uber meets Airbnb, but for workspaces. That means you get to know and rent from other people in your community, rather than renting from a far-away company.

AltSpace. If you prefer to rent your own office and have it designed for your needs, LiquidSpace offers its “AltSpace” solution. You can set up the office with furniture, technology solutions, and a lease term to fit your culture and work style. AltSpace is only available in select cities for now, but you can request AltSpace in your town on LiquidSpace’s website.

DASH. Definitions, Agreement, House Rules, and License Terms. DASH is LiquidSpace’s uniform license agreement that lessors and lessees use instead of a traditional lease. It’s uniform across the spaces you use but with flexibility in the House Rules section for location-specific rules or other considerations.

LiquidSpace Pricing

Pricing varies by location, but it is readily available as you browse spaces. Expect prices starting around $10 per hour or $40 per day for a place to work.

LiquidSpace Features

LiquidSpace is basically the Airbnb of office space. Features and amenities vary (sometimes dramatically) by location.

Things You Might Want To Know

Scheduling tours. For lawyers interested in a monthly space, LiquidSpace helps you schedule tours for potential locations to help you make a more informed decision on where to work.

Free to join. If you just want to take a look at spaces, you can do it for free. LiquidSpace is free to join and free to browse. You only pay when you book.

Money for your space. Is your office too big for your current needs? Do you have extra space that you’re interested in offering for lease? You can list your office or meeting rooms for rent through LiquidSpace, too.

Who LiquidSpace Is For

LiquidSpace is best suited for those looking for a temporary physical office location for their solo or small law firm practice. While it does offer some options for longer-term rentals with its AltSpace option, most of its offerings are of the short-term variety. It is not as well suited for lawyers looking for virtual office space. But if you need some extra space for doc review, depositions, mediation, or other meetings, LiquidSpace is worth exploring. And if you’re interested in a bit of extra cash flow from leasing extra space in your existing law office, LiquidSpace gives you an easy way to do that, too.

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