Your Practice Mastered

Your Practice Mastered

Your Practice Mastered is the flagship program by Richard James to help entrepreneurial-minded attorneys looking to maximize their law practice.

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Your Practice Mastered, formerly known as Automated Business Results, is the flagship program by Richard James to help entrepreneurial-minded attorneys looking to maximize their efficiency and serve their clients at the highest level without working 90-hour weeks.

Your Practice Mastered Highlights

Free content and consultation. You want to make sure you’re selecting a training program that best suits you and what you want from the program. To help you make this decision, you should look over the free content offered by training programs and consultants. With Your Practice Mastered, there are numerous free resources, tools, trainings, books, and other content with lots of useful tips for you to use before you even reach out to them for more information. If you really like what you see, you can reach out to them for a free consultation.

Built through experience. The techniques, systems, and skills taught through Your Practice Mastered are battle-tested and proven true. Richard James developed the course from his own personal experience of building a law firm from the ground up. The numerous testimonials from people who have already taken the course show that its system is effective for those who are willing to put in the work.

Partners Club. Partners Club is a private membership primarily for those who have already completed the Your Practice Mastered programs. The Partners Club connects you with like-minded attorneys through its proprietary dashboard and puts you into groups of 12-15 attorneys to keep each other to task. You’re given daily, weekly, and quarterly activities to constantly improve your practice, and are given direct guidance and leadership from Richard James.

Your Practice Mastered Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on the program and consultations you are interested in. You will need to reach out to Your Practice Mastered to get more specific pricing details.

Things You Might Want to Know

Your Practice Mastered. This flagship program will take about a year for you to complete. You will get a project to work on each month to help you develop the systems you need to create the practice you want. Then, to help keep you on track, Your Practice Mastered connects you with other attorneys in the program. You will also have access to Your Practice Mastered’s Senior Law Firm Analysts to help you with anything you’re having difficulty with on any of the tasks or projects during the course.

Not a coaching program. Your Practice Mastered and Partners Club are not coaching programs. These are training and consulting programs to empower you to help yourself. While you will have ample support as you go through the flagship program and while in the membership group, it won’t be the same as having a coach. Mr. James designed his program so that this exclusive group of like-minded entrepreneurial attorneys can help each other. If you’re looking for more of a coaching program, Your Practice Mastered isn’t for you.

Regular doses of activity. If you’re looking for a more passive program, this isn’t it. You will be given daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly challenges to complete. This is a program that requires dedication and commitment to change and improvement.

Systems, automation, and work-life balance. The philosophy in these courses is clear: you should build your law firm based on systems. Doing that effectively should help you support your lifestyle. In other words, this course is built to get you out of your business, not to dive in more deeply or maximize revenue generated from it.

Who Your Practice Mastered is For

If being forward, putting yourself out there, and dedicating some time to work on your practice, rather than in your practice daily sounds daunting, this program and its approach won’t be a good fit for you. Attorneys who are more entrepreneurial-minded may benefit most from this program. If you’re not sure, check out some of Richard James’ free materials on his website. If the material, tips, and style sound great to you, check them out! If you’re still not sure, reach out for a free consultation to see if this would be a good fit for you.

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