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Lawyers With Purpose

Lawyers with Purpose helps elder law and estate planning attorneys make their practices more efficient while also helping them find work-life balance.

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Our Rating: 4/5

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Lawyers with Purpose helps elder law and estate planning attorneys make their practices more efficient while also helping them find their chosen work-life balance.

Lawyers with Purpose Highlights

Drafting software. Particularly useful for elder law and estate planning attorneys, Lawyers with Purpose has a proprietary client-centered document drafting software to help you streamline your practice. Their drafting software includes training and live support with an on-staff attorney to help you get the most out of the software. If you’re interested only in the software and not its program, sign up for a free 30-minute demo to see if the drafting software is right for you.

Different focus for different folks. Whether your interest is in creating a more efficient and profitable practice, a purpose-driven practice, or a business you hope to sell, Lawyers with Purpose has programs and coaching to help you get to where you want to be.

Live TAPER event. Lawyers with Purpose holds a Twice-annual Practice Enhancement Retreat (TAPER). It is a live event held (yep, you guessed it), twice each year. Each event has a unique focus and helps you improve your practice and your client service. For its next TAPER event in October 2018, they will even offer to pay up to $800 of your travel fees if you book before August 31, 2018. If TAPER doesn’t sound like your thing, Lawyers with Purpose has other live events throughout the year.

Lawyers with Purpose Pricing

Lawyers with Purpose offers two separate pricing tiers for their membership program.

The Bronze tier membership is $397.00/month, which includes systems, software, and base membership. The Bronze tier also offers a discounted price on the Tri-Annual Enhancement retreat at $2,297/person.

The Gold tier gives you systems, software, base membership, and implementation. This tier also includes free registration for up to three people for the tri-annual practice enhancement retreat. This tier, as you may have surmised, sets you back a little more at $1,297/month.

Things You Might Want to Know

Systems focused. Lawyers with Purpose understands that many lawyers struggle to be effective entrepreneurs. Part of that difficulty, they have concluded, comes from not having systems in place. Lawyers with Purpose helps you find systems that work for you in your practice to help you make the most out of your time.

Secure Member Site. All the tools, systems, materials, and checklists you get from your membership will be available on a secure member’s site that stores what you need on a secure cloud system. The site includes tools to help you with client management, relationship management, and marketing, and includes their client-centered software. You can also sign-up for live training, coaching, and implementation through the website.

Free resources.  Selecting a coach or training program can be a big time and money investment. To get a better idea whether a particular program is good for you, take a look at the free resources the coach or program offers. Lawyers with Purpose offers many free tools, resources, and tips on their blog to help you see if it fits you well. If you’re not sure, reach out for a free consultation.

Who Lawyers with Purpose Is For

Lawyers with Purpose is for elder law and estate planning attorneys seeking to create an efficient and profitable client-centered practice that doesn’t swallow 80 hours of every week. Attorneys looking for more automation in their practice, particularly in document drafting, will benefit from this program more than attorneys who already have systems in place.

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