Law Firm Autopilot

Law Firm Autopilot

Law Firm Autopilot is a marketing and law firm management course with a goal of helping lawyers build trust with clients and create a fulfilling practice.

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  • Customer Experience & Support - 8.25/10
  • Pricing & Value - 8/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 7.75/10
Comments Rating 4.83 (6 reviews)

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Law Firm Autopilot is a foundational coaching and training program for attorneys to help them with marketing and operating their practice. Ernie Svenson (a/k/a “Ernie the Attorney”) founded the course with a goal of trying to help lawyers build trust with their clients and create a fulfilling practice.

Law Firm Autopilot Highlights

Free consultation. To help get you started, Ernie the Attorney offers a free consultation. If you’re not sure where to start in improving your practice, Ernie will help you figure out your pain points and guide you towards a solution that is best suited for you.

Foundational course. If you want to dive right into the foundational course, you will get an overview of what you can do to maximize your practice. The foundational course is best suited for lawyers just starting out or who are feeling stagnant in their practice. It offers a strategic blueprint to help you build a more sustainable practice.

Law Firm Co-Pilot. If you already like your practice but feel you need help in other areas, Ernie also offers a membership program called Law Firm Co-Pilot. Joining this program gets you instant access to a variety of free downloadable guides on different topics to improve your practice, including automation tips, delegation help, and free webinars.

Law Firm Autopilot Pricing

The Law Firm Autopilot foundational course is a one-time payment of $345. Considering the value and when compared with the other programs out there, this is a great deal.

If you’re more interested in Law Firm Co-Pilot, the membership costs $100/mo.

Ernie Svenson also offers Total Transformation Workshops, which are in-person events throughout the year. You will need to check his website for dates, times, prices, and availability of these in-person events.

If you want to get a taste of what these programs will be like, you can try Ernie’s free course, Small Firm Bootcamp, which is a mini-course on how to start automating your practice.

Things You Might Want to Know

Maximum respect. Ernie and his program will give you a sincere and authentic experience. And if you need help in an area where Ernie feels someone else will be able to help you better, he will refer you to that person. His goal is to help attorneys have a more fulfilling practice in any way he can.

A team of consultants. Ernie isn’t the only person helping you during his programs. He works and collaborates with other consultants and attorneys in different areas of expertise to provide a more comprehensive and in-depth experience for you.

Individualized attention. The main benefit of Law Firm Autopilot and Law Firm Co-Pilot is the personalized attention you will receive. This is particularly helpful if you are in a position where you aren’t sure what you need help with your practice.

Who Law Firm Autopilot Is For

Law Firm Autopilot and Law Firm Co-Pilot are for attorneys who want individualized coaching and guidance to create a more fulfilling practice. These programs are for lawyers who are open and committed to embracing change and improving their business. Ernie’s programs are great options for those who know where they want help and for those who aren’t sure where to start.

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Learn more about coaching and training programs!

If you’re starting or growing a small or solo law firm, you absolutely must join Lawyerist Insider. And if you’re interested in getting a powerful snapshot of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses right now, take the Small Firm Scorecard right away!

6 Law Firm Autopilot Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Mickey K. says:

    Law Firm AutoPilot

    Ernie is a wealth of knowledge. His posts and podcasts provide practical information that I’ve been able to use in my business immediately. When I saw the opportunity to get in The Law Firm Auto Pilot course – I jumped on it. What an incredible value! It is engaging, thought provoking, and provides a quick ROI in both time and money. I look forward to growing my business with Ernie every week.

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  2. Avatar James L. says:

    Law Firm Autopilot, Law Firm Co-Pilot, and Ernie Svenson are awesome!

    Through his Law Firm Autopilot, and Law Firm Co-Pilot programs, Ernie helped me organize, mobilize, and optimize my personal injury law practice… Following his advice, I’ve made more money than ever while lowering my stress levels and overhead.

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  3. Avatar Edward M. says:

    Law Firm Co-Pilot

    Did your law school teach how to organize your firm efficiently so you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel every day?
    Were you taught how to market your practice in a way which automatically generates as much work as you wanted?
    Was there a course to teach, how to organize your work?
    My law school didn’t offer any of these coursed either.

    Ernie fills in for the courses law school was never designed to teach. I could kick myself that I waited so long to join Law Firm Co-Pilot, and recommend you join, so Ernie can start sharing his knowledge, and you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

    The monthly webinars focus on improving our law firms and our lives. You can learn how to operate a law firm, efficiently and profitably. Each webcast is exciting because Ernie introduces concepts I haven’t considered and after he explains, I always understand how to create the law firm of my dreams to replace the law firm of my nightmares. I have been a member of Law Firm Autopilot for more than one year and it has been worth the fees charged and more.

    My wife listens to me after each new web cast and when another consultant offered a program, she said, “You trust Ernie. You don’t need anyone else.”

    If you want a delicious taste of Ernie’s magic, sign up for the free monthly web page roast. Once you learn the five second grunt test, you will never see a web page the same way!

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  4. Avatar Lawrence C. says:

    Auto-Pilot Delivers !

    I have been following Ernie off and on since the early “Ernie the Attorney” days. While my practice did not need “cutting edge” technology to attract and retain and serve clients at the time (and are still not “cutting edge” now, which you can see from the website that I hung when I went solo in 2017, just as a place holder) the times and the law have changed. So, I have checked out a number of support groups and software programs. Caveat: I use GSuite Business apps, had Linux servers for years, and use Open Office ‘stead of MS and have Android and Linux apps on Chromebooks (although this is being typed on a Win10 laptop–)
    I have dabbled with other programs and have signed on to LawFirm AutoPilot. Alright, I don’t use it as diligently as I might, (and I refuse to join any Facebook group but:
    1. Ernie and the Community are there with timely and practice specific advice;
    2. The price simply can’t be beat… it is very good value for the use I get;
    3. And when I “jump the rails” and install Cosmolex instead of Clio, I find that the suggested systems can translate and work very well there, too.
    Plus, you can sign for many levels, just as you can with this community. So I would give it a 4.5 out of 5…(and that low only because the only community that will get a 5 is one that actually will pay me to use the programs and practices…. and work to generate more satisfied clients than I can on my own.)

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  5. Avatar Thomas G. says:

    Ernie Svenson - Law Firm Autopilot

    I have been reading Ernie’s posts and other information for more than a year. I have also taken his Law Firm Autopilot and Co-Pilot courses. I recently signed up for his Total Transformation Workshop in New Orleans. Ernie’s materials are first rate. And, he’s a really good guy.

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