Lawyerist Lab Scholarship

Lawyerist has at least one full year-long scholarship ($11,500+ value) for Lab & LabCon to a law student planning to start a solo or small law firm on graduation.

Are you planning to launch your own law practice after graduation? Would you like to learn and implement some best practices for creating a sustainable, future-oriented law practice?

What is Lawyerist Lab?

Lawyerist Lab is a community, coaching, and training program for lawyers looking to design a client-centered law firm, develop a business built on systems and processes that leverage technology, and offer high-quality legal services faster and for less money.

Lab’s curriculum helps lawyers learn and implement best practices in every aspect of law practice management including:

Lawyerist’s unique curriculum uses an online training platform, peer and coach accountability, mastermind groups, expert workshops, and more.

The Lawyerist Lab Scholarship will award at least one full one-year scholarship to our flagship Lab program and LabCon conference to graduating law students who plan to launch a solo or small firm practice after graduation. Each scholarship is valued at more than $11,500.

Scholarship Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible, applicants will meet both of these prerequisites:

  • law school graduation between May 2018 and May 2019; and
  • a demonstrated commitment to opening a solo or small firm practice in 2019.

We will evaluate applicants based on these criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to—or evidence of—Lawyerist’s core values.
  • Demonstrated commitment to building a sustainable law practice for the next 20 years and beyond. Specifically, a successful applicant will have a demonstrated desire to build a client-centric firm with future-oriented technology, a profit-oriented business model, and with access to justice and inclusion among their core values.
  • Evidence of an ability to launch a solo or small law firm in 2019.

The Lawyerist Lab Scholarship Offering Details

Lawyerist Lab Scholarship recipients will receive:

  • Registration to one full year of Lawyerist Lab; and
  • Registration to LabCon 2019 (recipient is responsible for travel to and from Minneapolis, Minnesota).

To apply, complete the application below. You must submit your application by May 24, 2019, at 5:00 pm Central.