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Community Rating: 3/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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LAWCLERK provides a nationwide network for attorneys to hire freelance lawyers when they need extra help around the office. The LAWCLERK marketplace is the only technology built to comply with each state’s ethical rules and the ABA Model Rules concerning the unauthorized practice of law. The Lawclerks are freelance lawyers who provide legal services as paraprofessionals (as permitted by the ABA model rules) under the direct supervision of Attorneys barred and in good standing in their jurisdictions.

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2 LAWCLERK Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Samuel D. says:

    Time Sink

    I used this platform several times, and wasn’t happy with it. It’s plagued with problems.

    1) The lawclerks on this site routinely miss deadlines. Even when the deadlines are given in writing and loaded on the site.
    2) I’ve gotten an excessive amount of incomplete work. Work missing appropriate captions, signature blocks, referencing exhibits that aren’t included. Purporting to support motions with affidavits that don’t exist and haven’t been written.
    3) Often when I’ve used this site, I’ve given the lawclerk other pleadings from the same case, for the purpose of orienting them to the relevant procedural history. I’ve been disappointed in the number of briefs that came back with just copy/paste of the prior other pleadings. If I had wanted a copy paste job, I wouldn’t have hired someone at a $1000 price point to write a brief.

    Honestly, the worst part is that when you ask a clerk to revise work to correct this, the Company will side with the clerk if they complain. Even though they gave my money back, it was a massive loss in terms of my time trying to get good work out of them and delay in my cases.

  2. Avatar Jess B. says:

    Excellent way to leverage talent!

    I can’t say enough good things about LAWCLERK. I’ve tried a few outsourcing platforms over the years. LAWCLERK has been a great experience and the one I have stuck with. First I started with a small simple project to try the service and see how it went. I had a great lawyer who did a fantastic job for a decent price. Yes! Then I started building out teams and was A-MAZED at the caliber of attorneys who wanted to work with me on projects in specific practice areas. There are so many talented folks out there looking for side work. Now I have several teams set up (HR/employment, Small Business Law, etc.) and attornesy assigned to each team. Outsourcing is quick and cost effective. The customer service from LAWCLERK is second to none – they have taken great care to make sure you get a proper orientation and if there’s ever a problem they are quick to resolve it. I absolutely love this platform and will continue using it as much as possible to leverage other lawyers talent to service my clients. A++

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