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Hire an Esquire

Hire an Esquire instantly connects law firms and in-house legal departments to a verified and vetted national network of 10,000+ attorneys and legal professionals through its technology platform.

Their legal staffing technology helps law firms and in-house legal departments find temporary and permanent talent with an easy-to-use platform. It streamlines the process of locating, communicating with, managing, and paying talent. Hire an Esquire can also act as the employer of record and offers excellent employee benefits while managing all payroll and insurance details.

Hire an Esquire’s uses its proprietary “moneyball” method” to measure and assess candidate competencies to predict performance in the legal profession. Their technology makes candidate recommendations based on data points collected to create optimal, unbiased, and efficient hiring. The network includes 10,000+ vetted attorneys and legal professionals and clients include Fortune 500 legal departments, AMLaw 200 firms, and boutique to midsize law firms. It is a venture-backed company with an impressive list of investors.

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