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Staffing Services (Virtual Assistants & Freelance Lawyers)

Virtual assistants and freelance lawyers are a flexible staffing solution for lawyers and firms with excess work or that want to make better use of their team’s resources. Freelancing for other lawyers can also be a way for lawyers to fill dips or gaps in their cash flow with extra work.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant or freelance lawyer, see our resource page for hiring, onboarding, and management tips.

4 Steps to Choosing a Staffing Services Provider

  1. Know your rights

    First, know what you should expect from software with our Legal Software Bill of Rights.

  2. Determine your needs

    Next, identify your firm’s specific needs. Remember to determine what you need out of a staffing service as well as what you will need out of the actual staff.

  3. Research your options

    With your requirements in hand, dig into each of your options. Browse the product pages here, read community reviews, and even contact other community members who have used the service. Our Insiders Facebook Group is a great place to start.

  4. Try before you buy

    Finally, contact the staffing services providers and have a candid conversation about what they can do for your law firm. See if you can get a free trial and browse the system for all of your requirements. Then, test the system and the users out on a smaller matter in your office. See how you like the interface, and determine if you can get staff for what you need.

Staffing Services (Virtual Assistants & Freelance Lawyers) (Alphabetical List)