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The Modern Firm is a web design and digital marketing firm specializing in the needs of solo practitioners and small firms.

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  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 7.5/10
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The Modern Firm is a web design and digital marketing firm that offers specialized services for solo practitioners and small firms.

The Modern Firm Highlights

Online portfolio. If you’re interested in seeing if The Modern Firm’s style and aesthetic is a good fit for you, it offers an online portfolio featuring some work for perusal at your convenience. More than that, it offers an inventory of design ideas that you can explore to see if you like their designers’ styles.

Unique website for you. Even though it has an inventory of design ideas, your website will be unique, reflecting you and your practice. You’ll go through an extensive onboarding process that explores you, your firm, your clientele, your desires, and your goals to help create a customized design and layout. If you already have a website you love, their team can take over managing that site and do some sprucing up and optimizing.

Specialty in small firms. While The Modern Firm has experience with firms of all sizes, it also claims extensive experience with—and has taken the time to specialize in—solo practitioners and small firms with five lawyers or fewer. It has proven strategies and methods to help and work with small firms in smaller communities to help drive business.

The Modern Firm Pricing

The Modern Firm does not have pricing information readily available on the website. To get an idea of what you’d pay for a particular service, reach out for a free consultation.

What You Might Want to Know

In-house staff. The Modern Firm has an in-house team of marketers, designers, and writers ready to work on your project. It also boasts a pack of a rather pilose office staff.

Professional logo design. It offers logo design services, but only for existing clients or as part of a website project. It does not offer logo-design services as a stand-alone project.

A crash course in SEO. Before The Modern Firm starts telling you about digital marketing services and packages, it explains what search engine optimization is. The team will talk you through the basics of online marketing to ensure that their conversations with you are meaningful and that you understand exactly what you’re paying for. Their professionals want to help you understand how to market and operate your business so you can focus on helping your clients.

Attorneys only. The Modern Firm works only with attorneys and law firms. Its team is well versed in your needs and the requirements you have to meet and has a better understanding of what attorneys face compared with other SEO and Web Design firms that also work with clients in other industries.

Month-to-month. Its results will speak for themselves, and The Modern Firm wants you to be happy with the services you’re getting, that’s why it utilizes month-to-month contracts. You won’t be stuck with long-term contracts here.

Who The Modern Firm is For

The Modern Firm is a fit for solo or small law firms looking for a high-touch, high-value firm to work closely with on bolstering their online presence and digital marketing.

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  1. Avatar Dave B. says:

    LOVE the Modern Firm

    I get contacted by tons of digital marketing companies. All of them have a promise of immediate impact and often have a plan that is ready for me to use. The problem? They do not know who I am or what I do nor where I want to go. The Modern Firm excels and first listening to its clients and asking difficult questions. Then, the team draws up a practical plan and makes sure it works. They are easy to get along with, fun to know and, most importantly, incredibly successful. My investment in The Modern Firm continues to be one of the most productive places to put my marketing dollars.

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