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Justia is both a lawyer directory and portal and also creates law firm websites and attorney SEO services.

Justia’s lawyer directory offers both free and premium listings. Justia uses bar association information to create profiles for all lawyers in the United States. Those lawyers that pay a fee to claim their profile will also appear on the Legal Information Institute (LII) website.


“Karma.” Justia’s partner, the Legal Information Institute, is designed to promote open access to law. Because of that, it places a premium on promoting lawyers that support that open access. Lawyers can receive “karma credit” for providing free legal information via blogs and LII forums.

Premium placement opportunities. For an additional fee, lawyers can receive premium placement in Justia’s lawyer directory. Premium placements appear above the free listings in Justia. Premium members also can see their web traffic stats to see the number of profile impressions and pageviews. You also get an upgraded profile with an easy-to-use contact form, and competitor ads won’t appear on your profile.

Consumer resources. Justia and LII both rank high in Google searches for case names and similar legal research inquiries. They also maintain a searchable database of law blogs. For law students and prospective law students, there are course outlines and information about law schools. Justia also provides a number of databases that are valuable for both lawyers and laypeople, including product recalls, patents, and GAO reports.

Justia Pricing

A profile listing on Justia is free and is automatically created. Claiming the profile allows you to list your practice areas, fees, educational background, jurisdictions in which you are admitted, and awards received. You can also highlight publications, your website, social media presence, and office location. If you pay an additional fee, your profile will also appear on the LII website. Premium placement opportunities are also an additional fee, and you will need to contact them for an estimate.

Who Justia is For

Because the initial profile is created by Justia from bar association memberships, among other places, almost all attorneys will be automatically listed in its lawyer directory. Because the profile is free to claim, there is no reason not to use them on some level. The cross-listing with LII is likely valuable for lawyers that are interested in being known for increasing consumer access to the law.

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1 Justia Community Review

  1. Avatar Chris D. says:

    Justia is a good value for some attorneys

    For lawyers just getting their feet wet in the world of online marketing and promotion, Justia serves as a great low-cost solution. Attorneys who don’t have a good web presence or website can benefit by getting a turn-key solution to help build up their online authority.

    That being said, there are some sacrifices law firms must make when they go with Justia. For example you lose a little control over complete customization of a website and it can be challenging to stand out among your competitors who may also be using Justia.

    We were able to gather a decent number of reviews from Justia users that we published on our site here https://rankings.io/justia-reviews/. They provide some helpful insight for attorneys new to the platform and overall the sentiment toward Justia is positive.

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