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Black Fin is a digital marketing firm that works exclusively with attorneys and law firms to help optimize and rank your website.

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Our Rating: 4/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Black Fin is a digital marketing firm that works exclusively with attorneys and law firms. While it is primarily a digital marketing firm, it also provides web design services to create a website that is more than just an online business card.

Black Fin Highlights

SEO score. Ever wondered how well your page is optimized for your keyword? Black Fin offers a tool right on its website to check, and it takes less than a minute. This is worth checking out to see where your website stands and sets a baseline to improve upon.

Google partner. Being a Google Partner means Black Fin has passed Google AdWords product certification exams and is up to date with the latest Google product knowledge.

Specialized PPC campaigns. Black Fin offers specialized and sophisticated pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Bing (!!!) to help you generate new leads and, eventually, clients.

Black Fin Pricing

Pricing varies, so you need to reach out to get an exact estimate for your particular project. Still, you should expect to spend at least $4,500 for a new website. For SEO, PPC, social media, content creation, and other digital marketing services, you will need to ask for a quote. The website pricing, however, suggests you should be prepared to spend at least a few thousand for its other digital marketing services.

Things You Might Want to Know

WordPress only. Black Fin only uses WordPress to build your website. That’s what we like and use at Lawyerist, too, but you should know it doesn’t use drag-and-drop platforms, which means a more unique and custom website for you, from Black Fin.

Online portfolio. Black Fin has an online portfolio and client testimonials on its website. Check it out and see if you like its style and approach. This is an important (and fun) step to take because your website will often be your first impression. You want to make sure you are conveying what you want to convey.

Lawyers only. Move along chiropractors! Nothing to see here! Black Fin work only with lawyers and law firms. And it’s developed legal-industry-specific strategies and approaches that help you optimize your site for search engine algorithms. It’s also familiar with the ethical obligations you need to follow, which may give you some additional peace of mind.

Who Black Fin Is For

Black Fin is best suited for lawyers and law firms that already have a website and are looking to optimize and attract new clients. If you’re just looking for a simple web presence with no digital marketing, Black Fin will have more than what you need, but might not be a good fit. If you’re looking to build, develop, and optimize a website for your practice, Black Fin’s services can help your site get in front of more potential client’s eyes.

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