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  • Customer Experience & Support - 8.5/10
  • Pricing & Value - 9.25/10
  • Security - 9/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 9/10
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Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

BetterLegal, as a software provider, is hard to categorize. It’s a document automation platform, a company formation and business filings organizer, a registered agent connector, and a State compliance task manager. In short, it’s a productivity tool. In your practice, however, it’s a way to offer to set up LLCs without a lot of effort.

Who BetterLegal is For

Initially, you may think that BetterLegal is a product for Company Formation and Transactional attorneys. And, yeah, they will certainly find the automation useful. However, in our opinion, it’s other attorneys who will benefit from this the most. BetterLegal simplifies the business filings and creates a way for any practice to productize small business formations.

Complex business creation, non-profit filings, and set-up of intense serial LLCs are not the intended use cases of this platform. If a lawyer is looking to automate those sorts of filings, they may be better served looking at Knackly, Lawyaw, HotDocs ,or other low/no code document creators.

BetterLegal is more equivalent to a Documate, or Community.Lawyer system that is already set-up for the user. Lawyers who are looking to expand their offerings into company formations, but don’t have the time, or capacity, to set up their own system may find this helpful.

Additional Details about BetterLegal

The Basics

In one sense, BetterLegal is a platform for the public to create their own company formations and business filings directly, without the help of an attorney. They provide that service at In that way, it can feel a bit like LegalZoom. However, through the Partner Portal, they are also offering a way for attorneys to bridge the gap between bespoke legal services and internet based self-help. Lawyers can start helping existing clients set up LLCs (and other companies) with little effort.

So, there are three ways to interact with the platform:

  1. Send potential clients to to set up their own LLCs and company formations.
  2. Allow your clients to use your Client Portal page to create and maintain their business filings with your oversight.
  3. Use the Partner Portal to create and maintain business filings for your clients without their interaction.

Send Clients to

This option is extremely simple, and it allows you to give your existing clients an option for when they ask about business filings. However, other than satisfied clients, there is little benefit for you in this option. But, as I said, it’s easy.

Set-up a public facing Client Portal

As Lawyerist, we are constantly encouraging attorneys to use their websites to engage with their clients in more ways than just advertising. Here, with BetterLegal, lawyers can set-up a public Client Portal (don’t worry, people still have to have access). And clients can connect to it directly through the lawyer’s website.

To do so, just add a “Business Filings” button to your website that sends them to [yourLawOfficeName] Although it isn’t fully white-labeled yet, you can put your logo and use your color themes. Your client will feel like they’re still in your virtual office. Take a look at how easy it is in the video below.


Use the Partner Portal for yourself

For those of you who aren’t quite comfortable allowing your clients too much autonomy, you can also use the Partner Portal directly to make your filings. You could easily field a phone call with a client and go through all of the steps with them in real time. They’ll never even know you used it. You can take their payment over the phone, and still charge whatever fee your office charges.

Alternatively, you can set-up a form in Lawmatics, use a Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms on your website, or drop a Google Form into an email you send the client. Then, you can set-up a Zap to import that information into your LPMS, send you an alert email, and add a contact to your Office365 contacts. But, at this point, you might as well use the Client Portal. BetterLegal has a private connection to Zapier that will allow you to create alerts.

BetterLegal Database

At this time, BetterLegal has over 1500 different filings all over the country. They have a database of connections and requirements in all 50 states and they use that to help you serve your clients.

Because the filings that go through BetterLegal have their information placed into your Partner Portal, it is easy to track the business information and help you clients make compliance filings. Additionally, as you make changes or adjustments to the business filing, the portal makes intelligent suggestions as to what steps you may need to take to effectuate the changes. Going into the lawyer coffee bar game and changing your name from Lawyerist to Lawyerista? The BetterLegal portal will suggest you file an appropriate name change for your state.


A BetterLegal Partner account is free to set-up. Then, you are able to make 2 filings per month without any additional fee. For their part, BetterLegal charges 6% off the top of the filing in order to cover transaction fees. Then, the state filing fee is passed through to the proper authority, and the rest of the charge (that you set) is passed directly on to the attorney.

Pro Subscription – $99/month

If you need more than 2 filings per month, there is just a $99/month fee for unlimited filings. Since you get to set your fees in the portal, this charge can be easily recovered just in the 3rd filing. Take a look at our sponsored post for more pricing information.

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