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ROSS Intelligence is an online legal research tool that harnesses the power of AI to make legal research more insightful and efficient. 

ROSS Intelligence is an online legal research tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make your legal research more insightful. ROSS built its machine on its own AI framework (Legal Cortex) and combined it with IBM’s Watson’s cognitive computing technology. It offers a platform optimized for natural language searches, which tends to surface search results that better address your intent and the context of your query, leading to more efficient legal research.

ROSS Intelligence Highlights

NLP. Natural Language Processing technology lets you query in plain language, just like you’re talking to another attorney. No more Boolean strings or operators to memorize (unless you want to, of course).

EVA. EVA is ROSS Intelligence’s free-to-use brief analyzer (for anyone!). Run your brief through EVA to get a hyperlinked list of cases you cited in your submission, including those that have eroded from adverse treatment. EVA also provides analysis and opinions that address the same legal question you asked and summarizes cases in the context of your specific query.

Legal memoranda on demand. You can request a legal memorandum from ROSS if you want a deeper understanding of a legal issue or if you want to double check the work of another legal researcher. This option helps you with more complex arguments and provides a next-level understanding of your specific issue. It also has the added potential of proving someone wrong, which, for some lawyers, probably adds the most value of any of its features.

ROSS Intelligence Pricing

ROSS Intelligence costs $350/user. While publicly-available materials do not specify whether that seat price is yearly or monthly,  you can bet on it being monthly. You will need to contact ROSS for more specific pricing information.

ROSS Intelligence Features

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Things You Might Want to Know

Practice areas. ROSS Intelligence recently updated their platform to include all platforms. Previously, you could only access ROSS if you were a bankruptcy, intellectual property, or labor and employment practitioner. Now ROSS includes a full suite of case law from all practice areas and includes state and federal statutes and regulations.

White paper. ROSS Intelligence offers a downloadable white paper that describes its information retrieval quality, research efficiency, usability, and user confidence when users research bankruptcy cases. Perhaps not shockingly, the paper reports favorable results across the board. The study also only addresses research in bankruptcy, so it is not clear whether ROSS offers similar benefits to attorneys in other practice areas at this stage of its development.

Law monitoring. ROSS tracks any developments in the law that you ask it to. If anything new surfaces, ROSS sends you a notification with the news.

Who ROSS Intelligence is for

With its new update to incorporate all practice areas, ROSS feels full of promise. And they are promoting further improvements to its platform for all attorneys, including introducing new AI systems to its platform. It is a tool worth keeping an eye on. However, it is unclear clear whether ROSS offers a free trial. The website encourages you to complete a form to “Get Started.” If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about ROSS, you should do that.


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