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ROSS Intelligence

ROSS Intelligence is an online legal research tool that harnesses the power of AI to make legal research more insightful and efficient. 

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  • Pricing & Value - 8/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 10/10
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Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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ROSS Intelligence is an online legal research tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make your legal research more insightful. ROSS is built by a team of lawyers and machine intelligence scientists.

ROSS offers a platform optimized for natural language searches, which tends to surface search results that better address your intent and the context of your query, leading to more efficient legal research.

ROSS Intelligence Highlights

NLP. Natural Language Processing technology lets you query in plain language, just like talking with another attorney. No more Boolean strings or operators to memorize (unless you want to, of course).

Document analyzer. ROSS Intelligence’s document analyzer allows users to upload a document and get back a hyperlinked list of cases cited, together with any negative treatments.

Find similar language. You can highlight text in a case in ROSS, or in a document you have uploaded into the analyzer, and search for other cases that discuss similar points of law. ROSS will return relevant cases even if the concepts are discussed using different words or phrases in those cases.

ROSS Intelligence Pricing

ROSS Intelligence offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. After that, it costs $89/user/month when billed monthly, or
$69/user/month when billed monthly.

ROSS Intelligence Features

 ROSS Intelligence
Starting Price
$89/mo annually;
$69/mo monthly
Free Trial14-day Free Trial
State Statutes
Secondary Sources
Citation Checking
Natural Language Searching
Boolean Searching
Filter Searching
Research History
Additional Results
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Case Summaries
Formatted Downloads
News Coverage
Search without an Account
Send to Cloud Storage

Things You Might Want to Know

Coverage. ROSS offers United States federal and state cases, federal statutes and regulations, selected state statutes and regulations, administrative decisions from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Patent Trial and Appeal Board and National Labor Relations Board, and a selection of decisions from state and federal specialty courts such as military and tribal courts.

Practice areas. ROSS Intelligence recently updated their platform to include all platforms. Previously, you could only access ROSS if you were a bankruptcy, intellectual property, or labor and employment practitioner. Now ROSS includes a full suite of case law from all practice areas and includes state and federal statutes and regulations.

Who ROSS Intelligence is for

With its updated pricing, ROSS is attractive to law firms of all sizes, including as an additional research tool for firms that already use another research service.

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