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LexisNexis is one of the largest online legal research providers with access to numerous databases and AI-enhanced legal research.

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Our Rating: 4/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

LexisNexis is one of the largest online legal research providers. You can couple the online legal research tool, Lexis Advance, with other Lexis products for comprehensive legal databases and insight.

LexisNexis Highlights

LexisNexis for Microsoft Office. Lexis features an integration with Microsoft Office so you can check whether a particular case has been cited, clarified, overturned, reaffirmed, or questioned by later authorities without switching between your Word document and your browser. LexisNexis calls this “Shepardizing.” Shepardizing with an Office integration saves time and annoyance during brief writing.

Lexis Answers. Lexis Answers is LexisNexis’s recent offering on the artificial intelligence and machine learning bandwagon. Part of Lexis Advance, Lexis Answers encourages your natural-language queries to streamline your legal research. It functions much like a Google search, with Lexis Answers anticipating your question and providing quick answer cards before you dive into results.

Mobile app. Lexis Advance has a mobile app (for Apple users only) to provide you with research and cite-check tools, and the ability to work offline with documents you download to your phone. You can sync your work later when you’re back online. The mobile app does not, however, let you make changes to your settings, ID, or password, does not allow you to create alerts, and does not allow you to share folders. If you need any of those features, you need to do them on the website. Also, as you may have guessed, Lexis Advance on your mobile device requires a subscription.

LexisNexis Pricing

LexisNexis pricing for its Lexis Advance product depends on your law firm’s size. For law firms with only one or two lawyers, prices start at $109/user/month on a two-year contract, $124/user/month on a one-year deal, and $155/user/month if you only subscribe by the quarter. For firms larger than that, you’re best to contact LexisNexis for a customized quote.

If you want to see if Lexis Advance will be a good fit for you, a 7-day free trial awaits. But be prepared for a hard sell after your 7-day trial expires.

LexisNexis Features

Starting Price
iOS app only
Free TrialYes
State Statutes
Secondary Sources
Citation Checking
Natural Language Searching
Boolean Searching
Filter Searching
Research History
Additional Results
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Case Summaries
Formatted Downloads
News Coverage
Search without an Account
Send to Cloud Storage

Things You Might Want to Know

Mobile friendly website. If you don’t want to download the mobile app, or if you’re an Android user, Lexis has a mobile-friendly website. While the mobile browser lets you view materials outside your subscription and access public records, the mobile app does not.

LexisNexis CourtLink. CourtLink lets you track dockets and get alerts on new developments in cases to which you’re subscribed. You also get access to state and federal court records and can quickly search court records in CourtLink. It is, however, a stand-alone product that isn’t included in your Lexis Advance subscription.

Lexis Practice Advisor. Practice Advisor gives you analysis and guidance from practicing lawyers. And for specific questions about a particular piece of content, you can use the “Ask Our Authors” feature to ask one of the attorney authors directly. Practice Advisor is another product sold outside your Lexis Advance subscription. Once subscribed, though, Lexis does make it easy to access through your Lexis Advance interface. 

Who LexisNexis is For

LexisNexis’s strength comes from its add-on products. With access to case law, legal publications, court docket tools, legal analysis, and other resources, Lexis is a powerful legal research tool. Unfortunately, that is true only if you have the means for it. Cost considerations tend to make it a better fit for larger firms and attorneys who need more comprehensive legal tools and resources and are willing to pay for them.


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