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LexisNexis is one of the largest online legal research providers with access to numerous databases and AI-enhanced legal research and insight.

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Our Rating: 4/5

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Who LexisNexis is For

LexisNexis’s strength comes from its add-on products. With access to case law, legal publications, court docket tools, legal analysis, and other resources, Lexis is a powerful—if relatively expensive—legal research tool for firms of all sizes.

LexisNexis Features

Starting Cost
Free Trial
  • Web
  • iOS
US State Cases
All 50 States
US State Statutes
All 50 States
US Cases
US Statutes
Secondary Sources
News Coverage
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI legal assistants can help you identify relevant cases and statutes, and may even help you draft your brief.
Natural Language Search
Can you search by entering a question in normal language rather than keywords or Boolean connectors and phrases?
Boolean Search
With Boolean operators like AND, OR, and more, you can precisely target your search query.
Case Summaries
Citation Checking
A citation checker helps you identify whether a case or statute has been overruled, modified, or reversed or repealed.
Filter Search
Can you restrict your search to certain parts or features of cases and statutes, like the date, judge, or jurisdiction?
Research History
Research history makes it easier to find the results of previous searches or see if the law has changed with new results.
Research Folders
Organize your research history into folders.
PDF/Word Downloads
Download cases and statutes as a formatted PDF or Word document.
When you run a search, get suggestions for additional searches to run or material you should look at.
Flag key cases so that you get an email notification if it is cited in a new case, statute, or secondary source.
Software Integrations
  • Microsoft Word
Open API

Things You Might Want to Know

LexisNexis CourtLink. CourtLink lets you track dockets and get alerts on new developments in cases to which you’re subscribed. You also get access to state and federal court records and can quickly search court records in CourtLink. It is, however, a stand-alone product that isn’t included in your Lexis Advance subscription.

Lexis Practice Advisor. Practice Advisor gives you analysis and guidance from practicing lawyers. And for specific questions about a particular piece of content, you can use the “Ask Our Authors” feature to ask one of the attorney authors directly. Practice Advisor is another product sold outside your Lexis Advance subscription. Once subscribed, though, Lexis does make it easy to access through your Lexis Advance interface. 

LexisNexis for Microsoft Office. Lexis features an integration with Microsoft Office so you can check whether a particular case has been cited, clarified, overturned, reaffirmed, or questioned by later authorities without switching between your Word document and your browser. LexisNexis calls this “Shepardizing.” Shepardizing with an Office integration saves time and annoyance during brief writing.

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